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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Purple Hair

You may have noticed that Ava's hair wasn't its usual blonde color in my last post.

If you follow Little Hiccups on Instagram you would have already seen Ava's hair just over a week ago, but if not, I thought I'd share her transformation with you.

For quite some time Ava has been asking for purple hair. Here in Berkeley it's not uncommon to see people with brightly colored hair - kids included. A few girls at Ava's school have had purple, pink, green or blue hair for years, and Ava was keen to give it a go herself.

After I had my ends colored purple late last year (which you can see in this post) my hairdresser made up a bottle of conditioner with purple color in it for me to use to keep my hair looking bright. The purple color didn't stick to my hair so well and faded out within a few weeks, but Ava was keen to give the conditioner a go and see if it worked better in her hair. We tried it a few times and the result was a very pale purple in her natural highlights. Ava liked the purple highlights but wanted more.

So I booked her into my hairdresser and on Mother's Day we spent the morning at the salon.

Here's the before shot.

(You might notice a pink patch in Ava's hair in this photo. This is left over from a fun DIY I have coming up soon that I'm sure you guys are going to love.)

Ava and our hairdresser discussed which kind of purple Ava would like (a blue purple rather than a pink purple) and then the color was mixed up and applied.

With the color applied all over it was time to wait a while to let it take hold.

And then it was washed out.

Then Ava's hair was given a much needed trim before being blow dried.

 Ava was pretty happy with her new purple hair. It's so incredibly shiny and I think the color suits her.

It's surprising how quickly I've gotten used to Ava's new hair color. When we're out and about and people comment on Ava's hair it takes me a little while to work out what they're talking about! Oh, that's right... she has purple hair!

Ava's new hair color has been pretty popular with the kids at school. I've had a few other parents mention to me that their kids have told them about Ava's purple hair and have asked to get their hair colored too! Uh oh... what have I done?!

Ava's purple color should probably last about 5 or 6 weeks so you can expect to see it for a while. She swims twice a week which may make it fade a little faster though. In fact, it's already fading a little at the roots, so we'll make sure to use the color boosting conditioner every so often.

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