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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Spring Adventures with Fruit Shoot

This past weekend the girls and I spent an afternoon at Crissy Field, one of our favorite places for a little outdoor fun in San Francisco..

It was a pretty rainy and grey day, but that didn't stop the girls from having fun on the beach! With their raincoats on and their backpacks full of snacks and drinks they were ready for anything. And seriously, with the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop to their playing, nothing could put a dampener on their spirits.

While it was too cold to actually go in the water (which is almost always true of San Francisco!), it was the perfect day for running from the small waves as they crashed onto the beach. Isn't every day? My girls can entertain themselves for hours running from the waves. With the Golden Gate Bridge in the background in one direction, and Alcatraz in the other, I was happy to just sit back on the wet sand and watch, while listening to the sound of the girls' laughter ringing through the air. Ah, the glorious sound of happy children.

All that running and laughter made the girls pretty hungry - and thirsty. Their backpacks were filled with all their regular snacks (granola bars, fruit, apple sauce pouches...) but for their drink I packed something special that I just knew they were going to love.

We have just discovered Fruit Shoot fruit juice drinks and my girls have become the biggest fans.  Ava and Lola were excited to find a bottle each of the Strawberry & Raspberry flavor in their backpacks and they made sure to drink every last drop. Seriously. They didn't want to leave a single drop behind.

Fruit Shoot has been popular in the UK and Europe for years and is now available in the United States. This tasty fruit juice drink is made with real fruit juice from concentrate and is free of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup.

Fruit Shoot is available in a variety of regular and no sugar added flavors including:
* Apple (no added sugar)
* Berry Burst (regular and no added sugar)
* Orange (regular and no added sugar)
* Strawberry & Raspberry (regular and no added sugar)
* Wild Berry Grape (no added sugar)

The colorful pop-top bottles are just the right size for thirsty little adventurers and come with a resealable cap making mess less of a problem. Tasty flavors and a convenient bottle. Perfect for on the go!

We left Crissy Field muddy and wet, but all the better for it. Is there anything better than a day spent outdoors, having fun running around? Well, maybe a day spent outdoors with tasty snacks and drinks!

Click here to find a Fruit Shoot retailer near you.

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