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Saturday 16 July 2016

Flower Piano 2016

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon in San Francisco Botanical Gardens playing piano.

Yes, you read correctly. We spent the afternoon playing piano in a garden. How cool is that? 

At the moment San Francisco Botanical Gardens is home to Flower Piano, an amazing installation bringing music to an unlikely place. Throughout the garden there are twelve different pianos set up for visitors to play. You may remember our visit from last Summer which you can see here.

Upon entering the gardens we grabbed a map marking the location of each piano then made our way around the gardens listening to music and playing our own.

Ok, so there wasn't much actual music coming from us seeing as none of us know how to play piano, but there was an awful lot of fun involved - and sometimes help from other garden visitors.

Mathilde liked to see how far she could stretch her arms out while playing and at one point she decided that playing with her feet was a better option. Good thing she was wearing her (brand new and very soft) moccasins!

Lola decided to sing along while she played. She had fun trying to work out how to play Incy Wincy Spider (or Itsy Bitsy Spider as it seems to be here in America) over and over. Her music might not have gone with her song but I loved that she was trying to work it out.

Oh, and there was plenty of dancing from Lola too!

Ava tried her hardest to remember a little piece of music that her friend Milla had taught her last year in Australia. She couldn't quite work it out (hence her serious face in almost every photo) but her attempt was obviously recognizable, as a lovely lady came along and taught her how to play it.

Out of the twelve pianos installed in the Botanic Gardens we only had time to make it to see/play seven of them. Some pianos were very busy when we arrived and we had to wait quite a while before having a turn. Other pianos were waiting for us when we arrived. Ava was especially pleased when we found a piano vacant as she was a little self conscious about playing in front of other people. Lola and Mathilde didn't mind either way. In fact, I think they preferred having an audience!

While the Botanical Gardens were opened until 7pm, the pianos had their covers put on at 6pm. For the last hour there was a small performance and sing along on the Great Meadow near the entrance. The girls had fun running around and dancing to the music.

Although we didn't have time to see and play all of the pianos this year the girls had a great time in the Botanical Gardens.

There are only a few days left to visit Flower Piano at San Francisco Botanical Gardens. The installation runs until Monday July 18th.

Fingers crossed Flower Piano will be back at the Botanical Gardens again next Summer.

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