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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Ready for Fall with Burt's Bees Baby


Summer vacation is almost over here. Ava and Lola have just two weeks of freedom left before the new school year starts. I can't believe how quickly this Summer has just flown by. I swear it only just started!

With the start of the new school year imminent, so to is the arrival of Fall and the cooler weather. Ok, well, technically Fall is actually our warmest season here in the Bay Area (we like to be different!) but as it doesn't get all that hot here, it's still pretty cool compared to other parts of the country.  

So with Fall and back to school on my mind, I've been thinking about what's in the girls' closet. Seriously, I need to go through and take out half of their clothes because there are dresses and tops in there that they're been wearing for at least two years. Well, not Mathilde, of course. That would be especially weird given that she's only two years old, but Ava and Lola both have some majorly outgrown outfits hanging in the closet. I spotted a size 3 dress on Lola's size of the closet. Size 3! She turns six in just a few months! Ok, Mathilde's part of the closet isn't much better with plenty of size 1 clothes still hanging around.

While there are always plenty of great hand me downs for both Lola and Mathilde stashed away in the closet, sometimes it's nice to treat them with something completely new that hasn't been worn by an older sister. So when I saw the new Fall range from Burt's Bees Baby I just had to get a few outfits for Lola. The designs are a perfect mix of both mine and Lola's styles. Lola is drawn to the colors, floral prints, and pockets. I love the fact that the designs are relatively simple and can be worn pretty much year round here with our mild weather. I'm also a sucker for the pockets. Dresses with pockets are the best! Oh, and because I'm quite partial to a little matchy-matchy when it comes to dressing the kids, I just had to get Mathilde a few coordinating outfits too.  

The styling of Burt's Bees Baby Fall range is what first caught my attention, but what I love the most is how wearable the pieces are. As I mentioned above, most of the outfits can be worn all year round here in the Bay Area where it's never too hot or too cold. The 100% organic cotton fabrics are not only soft and cozy to the touch, but also very durable, holding up wash after wash. Best of all, the range is priced to be affordable without losing any quality. Perfect all round!

Lola loves the poppy print on the sleeves of her slouch slub dress. They're a little long right now so she wears them cuffed which I think looks adorable. The poppy print is also available on tops, leggings and skirts. If it were up to Lola, She'd wear the print on everything all at once! You can never have too many flowers, right?

My favorite piece is the kids' Dip Dye dress. It feels rather beachy to me, which is obviously something the girls picked up on too as they've asked to wear them to swim class. I don't usually dress the girls in purple much, but I'm really a fan of the dip dye effect on this particular dress and I really like how the purple contrasts with the light grey of the dress' body. Plus there's that fantastic kangaroo pocket on the front and the hood on the back for extra snugliness. Ava was pretty keen to snag one of these dresses for herself too, however the range only goes up to size 6X.  

To me, the Dip Dye dress, like pretty much the whole range, is perfect for exploring - even if that exploring is just in our own courtyard! The whole range is perfect for the classroom too, and I know that Lola will definitely be getting a lot of school wear out of her new outfits. With a few layers such as leggings or tights, and a denim jacket, our Burt's Bees Baby outfits will take the kids through Winter as well. 

If you're after quality 100% organic clothing at an affordable price for your little busy bees make sure to check out Burt's Bees Baby Fall range here. Sizes range from 2 through to 6X. The coordinating baby range features sizes 0-3 months through to 24 months.

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