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Thursday 26 January 2017

Puddle Fun on a Winter's Day

The Bay Area has experienced some pretty wet and wild weather over the past month, which has seen us spending a little more time inside than usual. But as soon as the sun has come out, we've made to sure to make the most of it by getting outside for some of the girls' favorite Winter fun: puddle jumping!

With all the rain we've been having there are plenty of pretty big puddles to be found near our home. One day after school this week we made our way to a nearby park where we knew there would be lots of big puddles for splashing. We grabbed our raincoats, rain boots, snacks and drinks - everything we needed for a fun afternoon out at the park.

The puddles that we found on the concrete were pretty great for giant splashes. Rather than jumping in the puddles like they normally would, the girls decided to do big kicks which made for amazing splashes.

The lawn in the park was incredibly waterlogged with lots of squelchy muddy puddles. While Ava and Lola chose to stick to the cleaner puddles on the concrete, Mathilde made her way to the muddy puddles. Oh, what a mess she made!

Back on the concrete the girls jumped in puddles together making big splashes.

All that jumping and splashing is thirsty work, so we took a break from the puddles for a drink break. Fruit Shoot is one of the girls' favorite fruit drinks. The flavors are tasty and it comes in kid sized bottles with convenient pop top lids. Perfect for refreshing on the go!

You can find Fruit Shoot at retailers nationally and at your local Pizza Hut. Purchase a Fruit Shoot at Pizza Hut between now and April 30th 2017 and 5 cents of each purchase will go to support the First Book literacy program. You can find more details about this important program here.

To find your local Fruit Shoot retailer clock here.

Now, remember... just because it's Winter it doesn't mean you can't get outside and have some fun! Go splash in some puddles with the kids, or play in the snow if you're lucky enough to have some!

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