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Wednesday 15 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday!

Valentine's Day is a holiday that we never celebrated before we moved to America. Back home in Australia, Valentine's Day is really just for couples - and I am not into all that lovey-dovey stuff! But, here in America, Valentine's Day is also celebrated in schools with kids giving out small gifts to their classmates. While I'm not into the lovey-dovey couple side of the holiday, the getting creative with the kids to make gifts for their classmates side is something I have totally embraced!

This year Ava and Lola gave out personalized cards with small heart shaped balloons attached. As always, I couldn't help myself and just had to add a cheesy greeting. To be honest, the cheesy greetings are my favorite thing about Valentine's Day! Here's a look at their cards...

To make these cards I took a photo of the girls pretending to hold a balloon, edited out the background (our walls are textured and always look horribly grey in photos!), added some text then printed them out.

To attach the balloons to the card I added colorful baker's twine. I used a large needle with the twine and threaded it through the top and bottom of the raised hand. 

I then used glue tape on the back of the print to attach each one to a piece of colored card. The backing card added a nice border plus it covered up where the twine was threaded through the back of the card.

The final step was to tie on a mini balloon with a nice bow. 

Voila! Personalized valentines ready to hand out to classmates!

The girls made sure to wear the same dresses on Valentine's Day that they were wearing on their cards - you know, in case their classmates couldn't work out who the card was from! Ha!

Mathilde was keen to join in with the Valentine's Day fun and posed for photos too. However, she refused to let go of her toy digger (it matched her dress so she just had to hold it!) so instead of adding a balloon and "Valentine, you blow me away" I went for a different, but just as cheesy saying with "Valentine, I dig you!". Mathilde doesn't go to school but she does have swim class on Tuesdays so she handed her cards out to her swim class buddies.   

Do you make personalized valentines with your kids? I love to hear what your kids handed out to their classmates this year!

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