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Friday 27 October 2017

Last Minute Halloween DIY: Smurf Costume

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Another easy, peasy last minute costume today for those of you who still need ideas for Halloween.

Today we have a Smurf costume. Now, when I say that this one is easy, I really mean it. There's only one thing to make, and that's the hat, which you can find the DIY and pattern for below. This can be used for either Smurfette or a boy smurf.

The rest of this costume is simply clothes that your child may already have in their closet, or which can be found easily in stores or online. A blue top and pants with a white dress over the top for Smurfette, or a blue top and white pants for a boy Smurf.

What you'll need:
For Smurfette
Light blue long sleeved pajama top or t-shirt (This one from Primary.com is perfect)
Light blue pajama pants or leggings (These are my go to)
White sleeveless dress (I like this one from Primary.com)
White felt
Yellow wool
Yellow felt
Velcro strip (optional - only needed if you want the hair to be removable)
White shoes (These Natives are our go to every day shoe)

For a male Smurf
Light blue long pajama top (The same PJ top from Primary.com as above)
White long pajama pants (These are perfect)
White felt
Blue felt ball
Velcro dot (stick on)
White shoes or boots (These boots would be perfect for trick or treating in the rain)

Print out the Smurf hat pattern (you can find it here) and cut it out.

Fold the white felt over so that there are two layers, pin on the hat pattern and cut it out.   

You'll now have two smurf hat shaped pieces of felt. Make sure they are aligned together and stitch around the sides either with a sewing machine or by hand. Normally I would pin fabric together when sewing to ensure that it doesn't slip apart, but the felt grips to itself well so I skipped this step.

If you'd like to leave the bottom edge of the hat with a raw edge, you're pretty much done. If you'd like to get it a neater finish fold over about 1cm all the way around the edge and and sew it down to form a hem around the bottom. I decided to do it this way to make it a little more polished looking.

Turn the hat back in the right way and voila, it's done!

If you're making a Smurfette costume, you have a few different options for the hair. If your child happens to have long blonde hair you're all set - no costume hair needed. If your child has long hair and is keen to use colored hair spray, just spray their hair yellow and it's done. If your child has short hair or, like Mathilde, is not keen on hair color spray you can add woolen hair to the hat.

The wool hair can be stitched or glued directly onto the hat, but if you'd like the flexibility of using the hat for a male Smurf as well velcro can be added for easy removal.

To make the hair, start by working out the length that you would like it to be, measuring from the edge of the hat. To cut even lengths of wool I like to use a book or piece of cardboard the same length and wind the wool around it. Once I have enough I then snip across the bottom with sharp scissors. As you can see, the wool is pulled a little tight when wrapped around the book so it bounces back a little shorter when cut.

Measure around the back of your child's head from ear to ear (where the hair will sit) and cut a strip of yellow felt this length and about 2" wide.

Using a hot glue gun, squirt blobs of glue on the bottom half of the yellow felt and add the wool to it, being careful not to burn your fingers as you push it down to stick. That stuff is hot! Add wool along the length of the felt bit by bit as the glue dries pretty fast.

Once the length of felt is covered is wool, run a line of glue along the top half of the felt and fold it over to cover the top of the wool. I also stitched the felt and wool down using the sewing machine for a little extra strength.

If you're just making a Smurfette hat and don't need the hair to be removable you can now line the hair up with the underside of the hat and stitch or glue it in place. To make it sit evenly fold the hair in half and line the fold up with the middle back seam of the hat.

If you'd prefer to make the hair removable stitch a strip of velcro (the grippy "hook" side) along the yellow felt edge. You can also use sticky back velcro and attached it without sewing if preferred.

As the felt is fluffy, the hook side of the velcro will grip to it well which means that you won't need to sew the fluffy "loop" side of velcro into the hat. Just simply work out where to place the hair (using the same method I mentioned above) and push the velcro against. It will grip in place securely but can be easily removed as needed.

Now that your Smurf hat is done it's time to put the pieces together.

For Smurfette dress your child in the blue pajamas (or top and pants) with the white dress over the top. Put on white shoes. Place the Smurf hat on their head and you're done! I put Mathilde's hair up into a topknot and pinned her bangs back to keep them from showing.

For the boy smurf costume dress your child in a blue top, white pants, white shoes and the hat without hair. Boy Smurfs have a little tail (I presume Smurfette does too but it's hidden under her dress!) so to make this I took a blue felt ball and added a sticky back velcro dot to it. I then stuck the other side of the velcro dot to the pants for the tail to attach to. You could also just use strong double sided tape if you have it.

How cute are these Smurfs? This costume really is so easy to make and it looks adorable. You could even go one step further and use blue face paint to finish the look but I quite like the costume without it.

Fun fact: That plush Smurf in the photos with Mathilde? That was mine when I was a kid! I love it when characters that I loved as a kid come back around for my kids to enjoy.

Have a Smurfy day!

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