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Friday 6 October 2017

Museum of Ice Cream

If you're following Little Hiccups on Instagram you would've seen that Mathilde and I attended a press preview of the Museum of Ice Cream here in San Francisco a few weeks ago. You can see our visit over on Mommy Nearest but today I thought I'd share some more photos of all the ice cream fun with you. And by more photos, I mean a LOT!

If you haven't heard of Museum of Ice Cream it's a pop up exhibition dedicated to all things ice cream. It's not a museum in the traditional sense, but rather a colorful experience perfect for taking a ton of selfies! Most of the exhibits are hands on and each room features different music with dancing highly recommended. Oh, and there's plenty of ice cream to try too. It couldn't be a museum dedicated to ice cream without tasty frozen treats, right?

Here's a look at some (or rather, a lot) of my favorite moments from our visit to Museum of Ice Cream. Be prepared for a lot of pink! Oh, and made sure you scroll all the way through to see Mathilde being interviewed on TV!

Still here after all those photos? Trust me, this isn't even a fraction of what I took!

I mentioned earlier that Mathilde was interviewed on the news and you probably noticed a few shots of her being filmed by a camera man. Well, Mathilde and I (but mostly Mathilde) made it onto the local CBS news later that day after our visit. I happened to catch it on TV which just felt so incredibly weird! You can see the clip from the news here:

As you can imagine, Ava and Lola were a little upset that they missed out on all the ice cream fun, so we'll be going back for a family visit in late January. I'm sure I'll have a ton of photos to share then too!

Tickets for Museum of Ice Cream are currently sold out but it's a good idea to join their mailing list if you missed out on tickets because you never know if more are going to be released at a later date. You can find more info here: https://www.museumoficecream.com/san-francisco/

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