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Thursday 2 November 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween has been and gone for another year.

As always the girls had an absolute blast. We celebrated the day in two parts, with celebrations at school and then trick or treating as a family in the evening. Ava dressed as a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts, Lola dressed as a unicorn and Mathilde had two costumes; a coyote and Smurfette.

Here's a look at our day and night of spooky fun...

Halloween is a big deal at Ava and Lola's school. The kids spend much of the day doing fun activities in their classrooms before taking part in a school wide parade. The parade took the kids around the block so the people at the local businesses could see the their costumes. The kids then paraded grade by grade around the big yard. It's always so much fun to see all of the different costumes. After the parade the kids went back to their classrooms for parties. Mathilde's preschool doesn't celebrate Halloween so she joined in with Lola's class for movies and snacks as an honorary first grader dressed as her alter ego Whisker the Coyote. Ava's class watched a movie earlier in the day and then played party games such as pin the skull on the skeleton after the parade.

Ava and Lola's school has a coyote as their mascot so Mathilde's costume was pretty fitting for school. We took a break from Lola's class party for a few coyote photos, including some with the large plush coyote that sits outside the principal's office. That coyote has definitely seen better days and doesn't sit up in its howling position anymore. Good thing it had Whisker to help hold it up!

The coyote photos continued on our way home when we made a pit stop at the playground. Mathilde has posed with this particular coyote mural several times before but she fits in so much better in her costume! Ava and Lola had a few photos at the playground too.

And one last photo stop when we got home from school.

We then had a few hours at home to relax (or in my case, make myself a costume!) before heading out to trick or treat. Mathilde had a costume change and dressed in her Smurfette outfit that I shared last week. You can find the DIY here. We had a few photos outside our front door (I even got in one!) and headed off to a nearby blocked off street to trick or treat.

As you can see, Kim dressed in his usual nerd costume! Sometimes I think it would be fun to mix things up a little and have him dress as something else, but I quite like that we have this silly tradition of him always wearing the same thing!

We started trick or treating about 5:45pm when it was still daylight. At first Ava thought it was too early, but it meant we got the first pick of all the good candy! Plus, by the time we walked up and down the street it was close to 7:30pm and quite a few of the houses we'd visited earlier had run out of candy. It also meant I got to take more cute trick or treating photos!

There were some pretty amazing decorations up and down the street. The house at the end with the candy cannon proved to be a favorite again this year. This year it was pirate themed with a ship and sea monster out the front as well as a fountain decorated with skulls. The houses with bloody hand prints on the windows and ghostly figures moving inside were a hit with the kids too.  

How amazing are those houses? I can't wait to decorate for Halloween once we move into a house one day.

We headed home from trick or treating around 7:30pm by which time Mathilde was exhausted. She ended up laying down in the wagon for a little snooze. I guess it was a pretty big day for her.

How was your Halloween? What did you and your kids dress up as? It's always such a fun holiday and I'm already looking forward to next year.

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