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Thursday 7 December 2017

Elf on the Shelf: Week 1

Elfie Pokie Nokie, our Elf on the Shelf, has been back in our home for a whole week now and as usual, he has been getting up to all sorts of fun - and even a little mischief.

Here's a look at what Elfie has been up to this past week...

Day 1
On his first day back in our home Elfie announced his arrival with our letter board sign. Simple and to the point. Welcome back Elfie!

Day 2
Ava and Lola competed in a karate tournament on the second day, and Elfie must have overheard us talking about it as he was ready to cheer the girls on when they woke up. Lola was a little annoyed that Elfie didn't change positions, but as you can see he did put quite the effort into getting dressed for the occasion! Who knew he was a black belt? I certainly didn't, but I know not to mess with him now! By the way, Lola won first place in the sparring competition and Ava came second. They both did such a great job and had a lot of fun competing.

Day 3
Another fun event this past weekend was the Snow in Berkeley festival. Elfie knew we'd be playing in the snow so he had a little snow fun himself. He sure did make a mess with all that flour! Last year Elfie made snow angels out of mini marshmallows the day of the Snow in Berkeley festival. The flour definitely was a little messier than the marshmallows and he was certainly in need of a bath by the end of the day!

Day 4
My girls love taking photos of themselves with Snapchat filters, and it seems that elves quite enjoy it too. We woke up to find Elfie holding my iPhone, which was full of fun sElfies! Doesn't he make a cute puppy dog? There was some pretty hilarious face swap pictures with the girls too.

Day 5
Every year Elfie Pokie Nokie manages to get one of the girls' pumpkin buckets down from the top of the fridge and go through their Halloween candy. Usually it's Lola's bucket and oh boy, does she get annoyed with that elf! This year was no different in that he pulled down a bucket of candy, but luckily for Lola he chose Ava's bucket instead.

Day 6
Looks like Elfie got himself into a little trouble on day 6. We woke to find him attached to the fridge, upside down, by magnets clips. Could the Jelly Belly and Charlie Brown magnets above him be responsible? They do look kind of happy about what's happening. Maybe it's pay back for Elfie getting into a pack of jelly beans the day before. I guess we'll never know.

Day 7
A historical day! While it was night time here in America, history was made back home in Australia when same sex marriage was finally legalized! Elfie must've heard the news and decided to celebrate. Mathilde was so excited when she saw him in the morning. She came running to wake up her sisters to tell them that we must be going to the "rainbows and nudies" parade (Pride) again!

What a week of fun with Elfie Pokie Nokie. We're looking forward to seeing what else he gets up to. Stay tuned for another update in a week's time.

Does the Elf on the Shelf visit your home? I'd love to hear what sort of things he or she has been getting up to. If your elf needs inspiration make sure to check out these posts here and here for lots of great ideas.

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