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Sunday 16 December 2018

Elf on the Shelf - Week 1

The Elf on the Shelf...

People either love him or hate him. We definitely fall into the "love him" category - which is good because our elf, Elfie Pokie Nokie, has been back in our home since the start of December.

Every year I share what Elfie Pokie Nokie has been getting up to in our home, and this year is no different. So let's take a look at what that crazy elf has been doing over the past few weeks...

Day 1
On his first day back in our home Elfie Pokie Nokie usually appears in the advent calendar, which also makes its appearance on the first. This year Elfie was found hanging out of the large "25" pocket of the advent calendar with a little speech bubble saying "I'm back!"

Day 2
Looks like Elfie took the time to read some of the advent calendar vouchers while he was hanging out in there earlier as he knew that on day two the kids would get the chance to play in the snow. The annual Snow in Berkeley festival happened to be this day and in keeping with the theme we found Elfie making snow angels on the dining table. Although it wasn't snow. At first the girls thought it was sugar, but after tasting it (and expecting it to be sweet!) they discovered that it was in fact salt. In the past Elfie has made snow angels with mini marshmallows and flour. The salt was definitely easier to clean up than the flour, but not quite as tasty as the marshmallows!

Day 3
Elves are pretty playful little creatures, so it should come as no surprise that Elfie Pokie Nokie likes to play with the kids' toys while he visits our home. On day three we found him riding Mathilde's Code-a-pillar after writing a message on Lola's Lite-Brite.

Day 4
Elfie Pokie Nokie sure does rack up the frequent flier miles with his trips between the North Pole and our home. Being such a well traveled elf, he decided that he needed to leave his mark on our world map. On day four we caught him placing a sticker at the north pole (or as close as he could find) on our travel map of the world. This map hangs above our bed and Mathilde, who had snuck into our room in the middle of the night, was quite surprised when she woke up in the morning and saw Elfie peering down at her. I must admit, it was a little creepy.  

Day 5
A few years back Lola had a unicorn themed birthday party and I made her a unicorn pinata. The girls couldn't bring themselves to throw away the remains on the pinata after the party, and so it hung around the apartment for quite some time. Recently I decided that the unicorn's body was looking a little worse for wear (which happens after being smashed open with a stick) so I turned the unicorn into a a bust to hang on the wall. Being a fellow magical creature Elfie took a liking to the unicorn and we found him hanging out on it on day five. 

Day 6
The girls couldn't find Elfie for quite some time on day six. I think they had almost given up hope that they'd find him when Lola announced that she found two red sticks poking out of her ugg boots. It turns out they weren't red sticks after all, but rather elf legs! I'm sure that Elfie must've been feeling very dizzy after hanging out upside down in a pair of boots all day! 

Day 7
Day seven was another day when the girls thought that Elfie was no where to be seen - until they looked up! There was Elfie hiding on the ceiling fan in the living room. This is the second year that Elfie has hidden up on the fan but this year he was a little more well hidden. If he wasn't wearing that big red hat we probably wouldn't have spotted him at all as he peered over the edge with one eye.

Week 2 of Elfie Pokie Nokie's adventures in our home is coming right up...

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