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Monday 17 December 2018

Elf on the Shelf - Week 2

I can't believe that Elfie Pokie Nokie has been back in our home for over two weeks now. I've already shared what he got up to during the first week of December, now let's see what he got up to during the second week...

Day 8
Being an elf from the North Pole the mild climate here in Berkeley must be positively sweltering for Elfie. On day 8 we found him chilling out in the fridge where the temperature must've been more to his liking. I mean, look at that smile. He seems pretty happy there, right?

Day 9
On day 9 Elfie seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. We found him hanging upside down on the clothes line by his feet. He doesn't seem to worried by his predicament though.

Day 10
It's finally starting to look like Christmas around here after we visited a Christmas tree farm over the weekend. Elfie was pretty happy with the new addition to our living room and we found him perched in the branches with this year's photo ornament (I make an ornament each year with our holiday card photo.

Day 11 
Uh oh! Dental hygiene is important, but Elfie Pokie Nokie seems a little confused about how to keep his pearly whites pearly white. Does he even have teeth? Either way, he got himself a little tangled in the dental floss. That's not quite how you use it Elfie!

Day 12
Sometimes Elfie just finds himself a simple spot where he can sit and observe the kids for Santa. That is his job after all. Day 12 was one such day. We found Elfie Pokie Nokie sitting inside a light fitting in the hallway keeping an eye on the living room. Luckily the bulb in this particular light fitting had blown and was taken out a few days ago to be replaced, otherwise Elfie might have found himself with a burned butt when we turned the lights on!

Day 13
Elfie! You're no Banksy but I guess your graffiti is art in your eyes. Elfie found himself a can of spray on snow and decorated a living room window for us. Not quite how I would've decorated it myself. I think we'll have to get some snow flake templates and apply the fake snow a little more nicely.

Day 14
Every year without fail Elfie gets into someone's Halloween candy. This year it was Ava's Halloween bucket that we found plundered of candy. Mathilde had been worried that he would get into her Halloween bucket so she made sure to eat it all as quickly as possible! Ava, on the other hand, still has Easter Eggs from April in hers along with the Halloween candy!

Has the Elf on the Shelf been visiting your home too? I'd love to hear what he or she has been getting up to. Is your elf a trouble maker or more of a quiet observer keeping an eye on the kids for Santa?

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