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Saturday 23 February 2019

A Fun Toast Snack for Minecraft Obsessed Kids

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Little Northern Bakehouse.

Do your kids like eating toast?

My kids love it, and while I always stick with a healthy, heart-friendly whole grain bread for their toast, they tend to want sugary sweet toppings on it, like jam, cookie spread or Nutella. I get it - these are all super yummy, but they're not the healthiest toppings around.

In a bid to get the kids eating something on top of their toast that's as healthy as the toast itself, I came up with this fun Minecraft inspired snack. All three of my kids, like so many others, are kind of obsessed when it comes to Minecraft (You may remember Ava's Creeper costume from Halloween), so turning their toast into a Creeper character was a hit. And the best part, it's super simple to make!

While the kids were at karate class today I whipped up some healthy Creeper toast as an after karate snack. They're always hungry after their class and I knew that they'd want to fill up on junk if I didn't have something healthy ready on hand. This fun toast is so simple to make and you'll only need three ingredients: bread, avocado and either blackberries or black beans depending on what your kid prefers. 

My favorite bread for the whole family is Little Northern Bakehouse. Their products are made from gluten free, non-GMO whole food ingredients so I know I'm giving the kids a healthy choice when it comes to their sandwiches and toast - no matter what they top it with! Unlike other gluten free options we've tried in the past, Little Northern Bakehouse products have all the softness of regular grain bread, and some of the products, including the Sprouted 7 Grain bread (my favorite) are 100% plant based and egg free. This means that Little Northern Bakehouse products are suitable for a wide range of diets without sacrificing taste or texture. It's a win-win!

Let's take a look at how I made the Creeper toast for the kids...

What you'll need:
Ripe avocado
Blackberries and/or black beans

Pop your bread in the toaster and toast it to your desired level.

While the bread is toasting, mash up the avocado with a fork. You can make it as smooth or as lumpy as you prefer. My kids tend to like it fairly smooth.

Once the toast is done spread a generous layer of avocado on top.

Now decide if you'd like to use blackberries or black beans to make the eyes. You could even use black olives if your kids like them - mine definitely don't!

For the black beans, I used four for each eye and ten for the mouth.

For the blackberry option, I used small blackberries (or large blackberries cut in half) for the eyes. For the mouth I cut a large blackberry in half lengthwise to use on either side and placed a small blackberry (or a large blackberry cut in half) in the middle.

And it's done! See how easy that was!

Now, if you go with the blackberry option, your kids will probably want to pick them off to eat on their own. I mean, as fun as it looks, blackberries and avocado are a bit of a weird mix! But if you go with the black beans there's no need to pick them off first as they taste so good together.

This fun toast was a hit with the kids, and I've got to say that I quite enjoyed it too.

Oh, hey look... there's Creeper bunting from Ava's recent Minecraft party in the shot below. See what I said about the kids being a little obsessed!

Little Northern Bakehouse products can be found in the freezer section of most natural food retailers. To find a store near you check out the store finder here.

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