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Sunday 1 November 2020

Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween!

Did you go out trick or treating last night or was it cancelled where you are? 

We dressed up and headed out trick or treating with our neighbors, but there weren't many houses taking part in our neighborhood. The kids didn't seem to mind too much though and had fun running around in their costumes collecting candy - although Ava did have trouble seeing through her mask once it got dark!

There's not an awful lot to show from our evening of trick or treating as it was dark by the time we headed out, but here's a look at the kids' costumes and our porch decorations.

This year Ava dressed as a plague doctor (you may remember the kids wearing her mask at the pumpkin patch recently), Lola dressed as a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts (recycling Ava's costume from a few years back), and Mathilde dressed as a demon wolf. This was a costume of her own invention and the only one I actually got to make this year. Due to covid restrictions I made sure to incorporate masks into the girls costumes. I printed wolf teeth that Mathilde designed onto her mask, Lola wore a simple black mask that went with her Hogwarts uniform, and Ava wore a regular mask under her plague doctor mask. 

Here's a look at the decorations I put up in the front yard. Our giant sandworm from Beetlejuice made a come back again this year. I was a little worried we may not be able to put it up due to our recent landscaping work (which I'll be sharing soon), but it just fit in between new plants. Our googly eye wreath also made a come back along with our skeleton flamingoes, and we added a few new friends: a skeleton by the front door, a rabid zombie squirrel guarding the candy bowl, and another skeleton buried in a garden bed. Oh, and a witches broom by the door - which has actually come in handy for sweeping up Fall leaves! 

Oh, and of course, there were pumpkins. We carved these yesterday right before heading out to go trick or treating. Mathilde designed a demon wolf pumpkin, which I carved for her, and Ava and Lola worked together to make a pumpkin house with little pumpkins living inside it. 

After trick or treating we came home to eat candy and roast marshmallows over our firepit with our neighbors. Before the kids changed out of their costumes I snapped these pics of Ava with the full moon. I love how they came out. 

Saturday may have been the big day, but there were a few other Halloween celebrations in the lead up. Lola and Mathilde dressed in their costumes for their gymnastics class on Monday and again for school on Friday. Ava doesn't have in person school on Fridays (just Tuesday and Wednesday) so she didn't get to dress up. She wouldn't have been allowed to wear her plague doctor mask at school anyway. The snowy pic below is of the girls heading off to gymnastics and the pics with the skeleton are from heading off to school.  

I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween no matter how you celebrated! 

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