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Sunday 27 October 2019

Googly Eye Door Wreath DIY

This year is the first time we've been able to decorate our home for Halloween as, well, it's the first time we've had a home since we moved to the US! 

After eight years of checking out neighborhood houses decked out with skeletons, pumpkins and crazy lights it's finally our turn to decorate. The kids have been super excited about it, and I must admit, so am I. Our front yard looks like it's been hit with a kitsch Halloween bomb! Nothing goes together and it's all kind of cheesy, but that's just the way I like it. We have a giant inflatable sand worm from Beetlejuice, skulls on stakes dotted across our lawn, pumpkins on our porch, flickering blood red lights, and our lawn flamingos have turned into skeletons. You may have already seen some of our Halloween decorations on Instagram (like this one) but I'll be sharing more pics on the blog soon too.

Today I'm sharing the latest Halloween decoration that I've added to our home, as well as a super simple DIY to make one yourself. It's a googly eye wreath! Isn't it cute? I think it's a great option for families with little kids as it's kind of monstery (that's totally not a word!) but it's not at all scary.

This was an easy decoration to make with only a few materials needed, and not much time at all. Here's a look at how to make one for yourself.

What you'll need:
(Click each item for a link to shop)
Wooden wreath
Googly eyes in assorted sizes 
Black paint
Hot glue gun or craft glue
Command strips for hanging

Start by painting the wooden wreath black. I gave it two coats for a nice dark coverage.

When the paint is dry work out your preferred positioning of the googly eyes. I like the various sizes mixed up but you can always go with with a pattern if you prefer. The wreath that I've recommended above comes in a two pack, so I found it handy to have the positioning of the eyes worked out on the spare wreath and then transfer them across one by one as I glued them onto the painted wreath.

To stick your googly eyes onto the wreath there are a few options. The first is to simply use the sticky backs of the googly eyes themselves. I didn't find the hold quite secure enough given that most of the eyes are hanging off the edge so I added glue for extra support. A hot glue gun would be your best bet but I went with a craft glue as I'm yet to unpack my hot glue gun (moving problems!). No matter what type of glue you use, make sure to remove the paper backing of each eye before sticking it down. 

Once the googly eyes are all in place and the glue has dried, your googly eye wreath is ready to hang on your door. I used Command strips to secure my wreath to our front door, but you could also use a wreath hanger if preferred.

Now your door is ready for little trick or treaters like this cute little coyote!

Isn't this a fun wreath to greet your candy seeking visitors this Halloween? Mathilde AKA Whisker Everybody's Pet Big Girl Coyote gives it a howl of approval!

Are you decorating your home for Halloween this year? I'd love to how you're making your home spooky!

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