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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Lola's Potato Party

A few weekends back we celebrated Lola's 9th birthday with a potato themed party.

Ok, I know what you're thinking... A potato themed party? Huh?

I know, it's a weird one, but if you've ever met Lola then you'll know that she tends to be, well, a little weird at times too!

I have no idea what this potato thing is all about, but Lola and her friends at school have a potato club and so it seemed only fitting that it should also be the theme of her birthday party - especially seeing as most of the guests are members of this esteemed club!

So just what does a potato themed party involve?

Potatoes, of course!

We smashed a fancy potato pinata that I made (although it looked a little more like a Mr Monopoly egg due to the balloon shape!), we played "Pin the Top Hat on the Potato", sang "Happy Birthday" over a cake featuring a fondant kawaii potato (not all potatoes are fancy!), ate Irish potato candies that I remember from my childhood and potato latkes, handed out realistic looking potato stress balls as thank you gifts, and Lola wore a potato t-shirt.

Here's a look at all the fun - well, some of it, because the kids spent half their time playing hide and seek in the house and it's hard to take photos of them when you don't know where they're hiding!

Usually when I make a pinata I just fill it with candy, but this time I added a bag of confetti and it made for the most wonderful explosion of color when Ava smashed it open! I'll be adding confetti to every pinata from now on!

After it was smashed open the pinata became a fun hat/mask that all the kids took turns in wearing. This always seems to happen at our parties no matter what the pinata remains look like!

After the fun of the pinata we played "Pin the Top Hat on the Potato". This was a bit of a last minute addition to the party fun which I made in the morning. I found a kawaii style fancy potato image on line, removed his top hat in Photoshop, printed him out and stuck him onto a piece of foam core. I then printed a dozen copies of his hat for the game. The kids each wrote their name on a top hat and I used a glue roller tape to add a little something to the back of each so they would stick to the board. Of course, the kids were all old enough to work out that they could just feel around the board to work out where they should stick their hat! Also, where a potato places a top hat is a little subjective, so trying to choose a winner who got it in the "right" place was a little tricky! Mathilde maintains that she was the winner.

Ava decided that she'd be funny when it was her turn and walked around the back yard blindfolded pretending not to know where the tree with the board on it was. After a while she took off her blindfold, climbed up the tree and stuck her hat on a branch. Close enough!

It was then time for cake. Now, when we lived in Berkeley we always struggled with lighting birthday candles when we had rooftop parties. It was always just too windy. This time around I thought it would be easy, but the wind decided to pick up right as Lola started lighting her candles. We did eventually manage to get them all lit just long enough to swing Happy Birthday. I think that's a first!

After filling up on chocolate cake, Lola opened her presents and then it was time for her guests to say goodbye. For this party, instead of making up party bags full of candy and small items like I'd normally do, each guest took home a squishy stress potato from Potato Parcel! Don't they look real? 

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Lola's birthday with us!

Have your kids ever chosen an offbeat party theme like this? Lola has also had a "Metal Detector and Penny Finding" party in the past (which you can see here) so she's no stranger to weird themes. I actually quite like these sorts of uncommon party themes as it gives me more of a chance to be creative.

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