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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Selfie at Stanley

Hey Colorado friends!

If you've been here a minute, you'll know I love a good immersive museum or interactive exhibition. I'm always on the look out for fun new experiences that fit the bill and I'm excited to say that I've found a new one! 

Selfie at Stanley is a fun new pop up exhibition designed for those of us who love taking selfies - or in my case, photos of the kids! Located at the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Selfie at Stanley features 25 interactive photo backdrops with props a plenty. You'll find all sorts of photo opportunities here including swings, a bath tub full of "bubbles" (ball pit balls), a 60's living room full of vintage goodies, a wall of plushies, a retro hair salon, a scooter zooming down Denver's Larimer Square, angel wings, puffy clouds, and so much more.

Let's take a look at all the fun!

Visitors to Selfie at Stanley get an hour to check out all of the displays and take their fun pics. With three kids all wanting to take a turn at each spot it too us a little longer than the allocated time, but the staff was nice enough to let us stay until we were done. 

The bath tub set up was definitely a hit with the kids. Anything that resembles a ball pit is always a winner for kids, right? 

The retro living room set up and salon was also a favorite. I even got into a few photos here. The kids enjoyed pretending to get their hair done, especially when we used the rollers and mirrors as photo props. They were intrigued by the vintage television (and had no idea what I was talking about when I told them to adjust the "rabbit ears") and couldn't stop laughing at the family photos that decorated the walls. There were definitely some contenders for Awkward Family Photos there!

Swings are always a popular photo prop and there are a few on offer at Selfie at Stanley. One looks like it's in a woodland area and the other two swings are surrounded by lawn flamingoes. A little bit of nature and a little bit of kitsch. My favorite mix!

Any display that features something to sit on is always a hit with my kids, and when it's a vehicle it's even more fun. The kids had quite a few turns pretending to ride a scooter through a flag decked Larimer Square. You'll just have to pretend that you can hear the kids making motorbike noises in these shots!

Along with these favorites there were plenty more backdrops for fun photos. Oh look, I appear again!

Selfie at Stanley is located in Stanley Marketplace at 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora.

Timed entry tickets can be purchased online at https://www.selfieatstanley.com/admission/ 

Tickets are $20 per person for ages 2+. Children under 2 are admitted free of charge.

For half price entry during February use the code FEB$10.

Selfie at Stanley is generally open Wednesdays through Sundays with availability on select Mondays and Tuesdays. Hours vary depending on the day. In general, opening hours are 4pm to 7pm on week days, 11am to 7pm on Saturdays, and 11am to 4pm on Sundays. Exact hours for each day can be found at https://www.selfieatstanley.com/admission/

Stanley Marketplace is one of my favorite places to shop and dine in the Denver area, so make sure to allow extra time for some yummy food and a little shopping. We usually go for empanadas from Maria Empanada, sweet treats from Miette et Chocolat, bagels from Rosenberg's Bagels, and ice cream from Sweet Cow (which is also a favorite here in our hometown of Louisville). For a full list of vendors at Stanley Marketplace visit https://www.stanleymarketplace.com/

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