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Thursday 8 February 2024

Prismajic: Shiki Dreams

Are you ready to enter a world of wonder and magic? 

Welcome to Shiki Dreams at Prismajic.

A world where art and technology come together to create a surreal forest filled with wonderous creatures and hidden treasures at every turn. A world that feels so far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

So, just what is this wonderous place? Shiki Dreams at Prismajic is an immersive art experience that takes visitors through a magical forest. This forest is home to Shiki, a mystical yeti, as well as other forest spirits that can be found throughout the landscape if only you know where (and how) to look. 

We recently visited Shiki Dreams at Prismajic and I'm excited to share it with you today.

Let's take a look...

Shiki Dreams is made by the same artists who brought the immersive exhibition Natura Obscura to life back in 2019. Like Natura Obscura, Shiki Dreams features whimsical creatures and hidden surprises in an otherworldly environment.  If you've been here a while you may remember our visit from when we first moved to Colorado. You can see it here.

Upon entering Shiki Dreams visitors are given a special flashlight that will reveal hidden secrets as they make their way through the various rooms of the exhibit. A scavenger hunt is available with items such as butterflies, mushrooms, owls, koi fish and even Shiki himself to find. Most of these can only be seen with the special flashlight, so make sure to use it everywhere.

The exhibition is divided into several different spaces. The entrance brings visitors into an enchanted forest with trees, ponds, plants and a house to explore. Inside the house you'll find a candle lit room with wish paper waiting for visitors to write their dreams. You will see the wishes tied up around the inside and outside of the house. Make sure to explore every corner of the house to spot all sorts of hidden creatures.

From the forest you'll find yourself in a peaceful room with a glowing waterfall. Colorful koi fish swim at the bottom of the falls as a whimsical deer watches from above. The walls feature hidden messages, glowing bird houses, and even a tiny crystal mine hidden in a tree. It's a magical space.

More hidden secrets can be found in a room full of wooden crates, candles, and tiny houses. Make sure to look inside the crates with the flashlight to see what lies inside. You'll find some pretty amazing teeny tiny worlds and even a few things that will make you laugh. Hidden messages and creatures can also be found on the floor and all over the walls, so make sure to look everywhere.

The next area features walls covered in moss, wood, and foliage. A board walk wobbles as you walk across it, and just like everywhere else in the exhibition hidden secrets can be found throughout. This long narrow space leads to the final room where you'll find an ocean scene with a whirlpool, setting sun and mountains. You'll find glowing footprints on the deck which lead to a bell pull. Pull the the bell and something magical will happen. I don't want to give away too much, so you'll have to visit to find out! Trust me, it's a pretty cool experience for all the senses! 

The magic doesn't end when you leave Shiki Dreams and reenter the real world. Make sure to stop by The Night Owls Bar for tasty cocktails (or mocktails) and small plates in a whimsical space. We filled up with twisted branch pretzels, crescent moon empanadas, and a Fall Fruit platter with cheeses, crackers, pepper jam, olives and pickles. It was all delicious. We also had mocktails, which made the girls feel very fancy! I had the Early Bird coffee mocktail which was divine, and the girls both had the sweet and bubbly Shiki's Dream. The Night Owls Bar is available to visit exclusive of Shiki Dreams. You can find the menu here.

Prismajic is located at suite 359 in the Colorado Mills Mall, 14500 W Colfax Avenue, Lakewood.

Timed entry tickets for Shiki Dreams can be purchased online at https://prismajic.com/plan-your-visit/ or at the door (depending on availability)

Tickets are priced as follows:
Adults 16+ $28.00
Children 5 - 15 $15.00
Military & Seniors 65+ $23.00
Children under 5 are admitted free of charge.

Shiki Dreams is open the following hours:
Wednesdays & Thursdays 12pm - 8pm
Fridays 12pm - 9pm
Saturdays 10am - 9pm
Sundays 10am - 6pm

The Night Owls Bar is open the following hours:
Wednesdays & Thursdays 3pm - 9pm
Fridays - Sundays 12pm - 10pm

For more information visit https://prismajic.com/

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