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Saturday 20 January 2024

Chautauqua Park Bears 2024

Boulder's bears are back!

Well, not the real bears - they're most likely hibernating right now - but the colorful bears that call Chautauqua Park home each Winter are back!

This Winter season fifteen colorful bear sculptures can be found dotted around Boulder's Chautauqua Park as part of the Art in the Park event. Each bear has been painted by a different artist and despite starting from the same blank canvas no two bears are alike.

Let's take a look... 
Here are each of the bears...

"Little Boy Bear" by Kaitlin Zeismer

"The Eight Remaining Bear Species" by Sarah Spencer

"Emerging" by Drew Austin

"Square Bear" by Natasha Mistry

"Hawaiian Harmonies" by Megan LeSage

"Morning Citrus" by Maya Leising

"Boulder Lake Bear & Relaxing Sunsets" by Julie Young

"Return" by Jo Richardson

"Teleporter 2.0" by Brenden "Krizzle" Klockenger

"Wildflower Spirit Bear" by Richelle Cripe

"Spirit Bear of the Northern Lights" by Monica Dinh

"Jasper" by Candie Cain

"Remember When I Walked the Earth" by Matti Berglund

"Straw-Bear-y" by Sarah Kinn

"Forager" by Daniele Schroder Kraft

The bears will be on display throughout Chautauqua Park through April 16th 2024. You can find a map with each bear location marked here.

The bears will be auctioned off with proceeds raised going towards the participating artists, the Colorado Chautauqua and The New Local.  You can find the auction (and place a bid if you like) here.

While in Chautauqua Park make sure to stop by The General Store & Cafe for a sweet treat. Maybe an ice cream to share with the bears like Mathilde!

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