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Monday 15 April 2024

35+ Must See Murals in Nashville

Have you ever been to Nashville?

If you're anything like me, you probably have an idea in your head that the whole city is nothing but country music, but I'm hear to tell you that there's so much more to see and do in Nashville. 

Ok, so yes, country music is BIG in Nashville and its presence is felt everywhere, but this vibrant city has so much more to offer - especially if you love street art as much as I do!

I recently spent a few days exploring Nashville while I was in town for Mom 2.0 Summit and I was in awe of just how much street art can be found all around town. So today I'm sharing the best murals I found. It's only a tiny glimpse of just how colorful the city is, but I only had a few days to explore and I was busy with other fun touristy stuff that I'll be sharing soon. 

If you're planning a visit to Nashville and you love finding colorful murals, read on... 

Nashville is a pretty big city, so I've divided this list into neighborhoods. That way you'll know that the murals in each section are relatively close to each other. The Downtown, SoBro and Gulch neighborhoods are all within easy walking distance of each other, however the 12 South neighborhood will require driving to. I took an Uber between Downtown and 12 South and it cost me around $11.00 each direction. I've also thrown in one Opryland mural in this list. I didn't explore the area an awful lot and I'm really not sure if there are many murals around there, but this one was right by my hotel on the first night and I couldn't resist adding it. Opryland is east of Downtown and will cost you about $20 for an Uber.  


Nashville What Lifts You Wings
📍 302 11th Avenue South
🎨 Kelsey Montague

You've likely seen pictures of this mural on social media as it's a very popular spot. Set on a black wall, these intricate white wings feature a lacelike pattern complete with Nashville motifs such as guitars. On the same wall you'll also find a tiny pair of wings perfect for pics of small children or furry friends.   

Candy Hearts
📍601 8th Avenue South
🎨 Finnley's Boutique
This wall of colorful candy hearts is a popular stop of bachelorette parties and was actually commissioned by the adjoining boutique with this in mind. The hearts on the wall features classic candy heart phrases along with a few Nashville and bachelorette party specifics. Even if you're not in town celebrating an upcoming wedding it's a fun and colorful spot for pics.

Nashville Walls Project - Jason Woodside Mural
📍299 11th Avenue South
🎨 Jason Woodside
Jason Woodside's art can be found in cities all across the US (we had one not far from us in Berkeley) and is instantly recognizable with its colorful patterns reminiscent of washi tape. Or at least, that's what it always reminds me of! You'll find this one in a raised area facing a large parking lot. Google Maps has it listed as "Lego Man mural" due to the addition of a tiny Lego man mural further down the same wall. 

Lego Man mural
📍299 11th Avenue South
🎨 For Becks
As I mentioned above, this tiny mural can be found on the same wall as the giant Jason Woodside mural. Just walk to the end of the wall and you'll find this smiling little Lego man. This was one of three Lego man murals I found in Nashville but I'm sure there must be more. The other two are in the 12 South neighborhood and listed below.

Nashville Walls Project - Ian Ross mural
📍 251 11th Avenue South
🎨 Ian Ross
Another whole wall mural facing a parking lot, this one can be found alongside the Jason Woodside mural. Once again, you'll find it listed as Lego Man mural on Google Maps. 

Hear This Nashville
📍901 Gleaves Street
🎨 Adam Newman
Another popular mural that you've likely seen on social media, this one is great for interactive photos. That microphone is just waiting for visitors to scream into it for a photo opportunity! With handy lighting showcasing the mural it's a great spot for photos during the day or night.

Peg Leg Porker mural
📍 903 Gleaves Street
🎨 Eric "Mobe" Bass
This one was a fun surprise to stumble across as I hadn't actually seen it in any of my online mural searches before my trip. It's located along the side of the popular Peg Leg Porker BBQ joint and is across the parking lot from the Hear This Nashville mural - which is actually what I was heading to when I spotted it. It's a fun take on the classic wing murals!


Good Trouble
📍 Corner of Rep John Lewis Way & Commerce Street
🎨 Michael McBride & Donna Woodley
This towering mural pays tribute to civil rights icon and late congressman John Lewis and his time in Nashville. The mural also features fellow Freedom Riders CT Vivian, Ernest "Rip" Patton, Diane Nash, Rev. Kelly Miller Smith, Rev. James Lawson and Kwame Lillard.

Rivive! mural
📍 144 5th Avenue North
🎨 Beau Stanton
This giant mural can be found right around the corner from the Good Trouble mural on the same building. It was painted in collaboration with Rivive! Nashville, a non-profit that raises awareness of water quality issues in Nashville. The colors are stunning!

Beautiful Decay
📍 144 5th Avenue North
🎨 Tavar Zawacki
This fun trompe l'oeil mural was painted to give the impression that paper elements of the design were peeling back and falling off the wall. It certainly does look that way! You'll find this one in an alleyway behind the parking lot located at 144 5th Avenue North.

As long as the grass shall grow
📍 144 5th Avenue North
🎨 Niels Shoe Meulman
You've probably noticed by now that this particular building is a hot spot for murals! In fact, all of the Downtown murals I'm sharing (bar one) have been located on this one parking lot! This one features the lyrics of the Johnny Cash song "As long as the grass shall grow" from his 1964 album "Bitter tears: Ballads of the American Indian".

Benjamin Moore Vintage Painter 
📍 114 2nd Avenue North
I couldn't really find much information about this one so I don't know who the artist is, but I spotted it from Broadway one night and wanted to check it out. Second Avenue is currently a construction zone, so I couldn't get too close to the mural either. It's located just off the hustle and bustle of Broadway and is an easy one to spot even if you can't get close.

Angels & Monsters
📍154 5th Avenue North
🎨 John Grider, Isaac Arvold, Dew Peterson & Eric Inkala 
This large mural can be found in the alleyway behind Downtown Presbyterian Church, on the same block as most of the other Downtown murals I've shared above. It's a collaboration piece created thanks to the church whose parking lot it graces.


Love mural
📍426 7th Avenue
This popular mural features the word "love" in shades of blue on a white wall and it stunning in its simplicity. This mural was created for the Nashville Children's Alliance, a local non-profit that serves children who have experienced abuse.

Nashvox Studios murals
📍634 4th Avenue South
Want to take pics with fun murals AND record yourself singing? Nashvox is the place for you! Ok, so recording myself singing isn't on my list, but the murals alongside Nashvox are fun all the same and definitely worth checking out. 

Tennessee Tough 
📍 424 6th Avenue South
🎨 Eric "Mobe" Bass
This huge mural was sponsored by Tennessee football team the Tennessee Titans and was inspired by Nashville's resilience in the face of a 2020 tornado and the pandemic. It's located in a parking lot across from Nashville Music City Center.

12 South
Nashville Looks Good On You

I believe in Nashville
📍 2700 12th Avenue South
🎨 Adrien Saporiti
Probably one of the most photographed and widely recognized mural in all of Nashville this one is incredibly popular and you'll likely find a line of people waiting to take a pic with it. There are several other "I believe in Nashville" murals to be found around town, but this one is the original.

Country Girls (just want to have fun)
📍 2803 12th Avenue South
🎨 Rachyl LaGrone
The styling of this one is so fun - even if you're like me and don't particularly like country music. The bright colors make for a fun photo.

Make Music Not War
📍 2902 12th Avenue 
🎨 Relax Max Apparel
This mural is simple in both it's design and its message, yet it packs a punch. It's located directly opposite the popular flower mural (shared below) in the shared driveway between the two buildings.

Predators mural
📍 2607 12th Avenue South
This big kitty is the mascot of the local NHL team Nashville Predators. I guess he's a saber toothed tiger. I couldn't find the details of the artist but I do know that there are a few of these murals dotted around town. 

Playdate Fun Bar
📍2405 12th Avenue
This one was definitely one the my favorite murals that I found and it also just happens to be one of the newest murals in the area. with the restaurant it adorns only opening last month. The colors and retro styling of this one are sure to make it a popular spot for photos.

Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar
📍 1111 Caruthers Avenue
Looking for interactive, food themed murals? Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar is the place! This fun cereal and ice cream store is home to quite a few colorful murals. Outside of the store you'll find a mural with a giant spoon that acts as a seat to pose on. Inside the courtyard you'll find more murals including the Marilyn Monroe one featured below.

📍 1206 Dallas Avenue
🎨 Edie Ottestad
This cute astronaut appears on the side of a residential duplex, so keep that in mind when visiting and taking photos. However, he is easily visible from the parking lot of the sauna studio at 1204 Dallas Avenue so you'll have no problems finding him. 

Lego Man
📍 2509 12th Avenue South
🎨 For Becks
Need more Lego Man murals n your life? Two more of these happy little guys can be found in the 12 South neighborhood. They happen to be on the exact same wall too, so you won't have to go very far to find them both. In fact, they're located on the opposite side of the building that is home to the iconic Nashville looks good on you mural. 

Looking Pretty, Music City
📍2709 12th Avenue South
🎨 Emily Eisenhart
This mural on the side of the Madewell store is another popular one on social media. I wasn't able to get a full photo of the mural, or pose with the written part as the parking along here was busy and there were quite a few groups of people hanging around right where I would've need to set up my tripod. It's definitely worth checking out though. 

Nashville looks good on you
📍 2509 12th Avenue South
🎨 Nash TN
Speaking of murals being popular on social media, this one definitely fits the bill! The simple black and white message is definitely an Instagram favorite. You'll find it in the parking lot behind Frothy Monkey and it can be accessed via a back alleyway between Beechwood and Sweetbriar Avenues. Just like several other popular Nashville murals, you'll find other versions of this one in several locations around town.

Flower mural
📍 2900 12th Avenue
This one is a very popular mural in the 12 South neighborhood, but no one seems to know just who painted it. If I manage to find the artist details I'll definitely update this post. Either way, it's a pretty mural that takes up the side wall of a cafe and makes a great spot for photos - even if it's in full sun like it was when I visited. The Make Music, Not War mural is located in the same driveway.

Draper James
📍 2608 12th Avenue South
Located opposite the iconic I believe in Nashville mural, this one is really more of an advertisement for the store that it adorns. But that doesn't make it any less photo worthy! The classic blue and white stripes add a whimsical touch to the building and a handy park bench is the perfect place to sit for a photo.

Nashville Tattoo Heart 
📍 2814 12th Avenue South 
This tattoo style heart design can be found on the side of jewelry store King Baby. I really like this one and had hoped to snap a pic with it, but it faces a busy parking lot. I couldn't find any details about the artist of this one, but once again, I'll update my post if I do.

Just a Few Gents
📍 2318 12th Avenue South
🎨 Jared Freihoefer
Located on the side of 12 South Taproom, this fun mural features three rather dapper looking characters against a simple purple wall. But wait, make sure to check behind the building because you just might find one of their friends!

Rivive! on 12 South
📍2814 12th Avenue South
🎨 Eric "Mobe" Bass
Another piece created in conjunction with Rivive! Nashville, this ne features Nashville's waterways and the wildlife that depend on them being clean and healthy. There is a lot of detail and a few hidden animals if you look closely. 

Music Kitty
📍 2315 12th Avenue South
🎨 Kate Johns & Stephen Sloan
Painted in conjunction with Nashville Zoo, this fun mural features a Sumatran tiger and a fun play on Nashville's title of "Music City". Platform seating has been incorporated into the side of the building and the mural design making it a great spot to sit for a rest while you're out mural hunting!

Unknown brand new mural
📍 2311 12th Avenue South
This mural, and the building it is attached to, is so new that it doesn't even appear on Google Maps yet. In fact, Google Maps shows the building as a parking lot - which left me incredibly confused when I tried to find any information about it! You can find this mural in the walkway between this new building and the Faherty store with the Music Kitty mural above. 

A window on Nashville
📍 1201 Elmwood Avenue
🎨 Troy Duff
This mural can be found facing the parking lot behind the 2300 block of 12th Avenue South. It features Downtown Nashville's skyline, complete with the iconic "Batman" building set behind "12 South" written in a classic graffiti style. 

Bottoms Up Nashville
📍 2403 12th Avenue South
🎨 Ali Futrell
This summery feeling mural can be found on the side of Bottle Cap Nashville and sits opposite the retro styled Playdate Fun Bar mural featured above. 


Electric Dolly
📍 2611 Music Valley Drive
🎨 Halfmooncraftworks
This fun Dolly Parton mural can be found on the back of Nashville Palace in the Opryland area. It's located in an alleyway and faces Scoreboard Bar and Grill. This was the first mural I spotted when I arrived in Nashville so I just had to include it in this list. It's a little far from the others, but if you're in the area (visiting the Grand Ole Opry or Gaylord Opryland) it's worth a quick look.  

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