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Sunday 18 September 2011

City to Bay 2011

Today we joined almost 35,000 people in the annual City to Bay Fun Run.

Ok, so there wasn't any running done by us but it sure was a fun day!

The City to Bay Fun Run is a 12km run (or walk) from, you guessed it, the city to the bay. There are also two shorter legs of the fun run; 6km and 3km. We took part in the 6km walk joining in half way along the route.

Ready to start the fun run with Nina, Kylie and the kids

It was a beautiful, sunny day as we hit the pavement with strollers and sneakers. Ava was determined to walk as much of the route as possible and considering her little legs she did a pretty good job. She walked on and off with her friends, taking breaks in the stroller to rest her feet. Kim's parents live about 2km from the finish line so Ava made sure she was on her feet as we walked past them waving outside their house. She then walked the rest of the way to the finish line. A stellar effort!

Lola of course, spent the walk in the stroller. She was pretty happy watching all the people go by but flaked out after about 2kms and slept the rest of the way. Lazy baby!

At the end of the race medals were handed out to all the children who entered. Ava was so excited about receiving a medal and proudly wore it for the rest of the day.

The 6km walk was just long enough to feel like us grown ups had to put in a little effort but still a pleasant walk. I could feel my butt muscles getting a bit of a work out! If we were going to be in Adelaide next year I'd considering walking the full 12kms but that might be a little tricky from San Francisco!

Here are some photos from our fun day.

The whole crew
Ava & Milla - bestest little friends :) 
Approaching the finish line
Crossing the finish line - and jumping really high!
Lost people?
Little winners with their medals

Ava, Lola and I
A medal for Lola too :)

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