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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Two Little Chefs

Kim received his Father's Day gift from the girls in the mail today so I can finally share it now on Little Hiccups!

This year for Father's Day Ava and Lola dressed up as little chefs, Ava in an apron and Lola in a chef hat, and made a special Father's Day breakfast for Daddy - or at least they pretended to for the camera!

I had originally intended to use the photos for a card in a collage style similar to some our Mother's Day card from this year. However, there were so many good photos that I wanted to use that it just ended up looking messy. I couldn't bring myself to cull the photos so instead I decided to turn them into a little book with a short story about two little chefs.   

Here is the finished product...

The completed Father's Day books

Pages of the book waiting to be bound

And here are the pages of the book...

The girls had lots of fun during their photoshoot. Lola loved playing the egg and was actually pretty excited when she dropped it and it cracked open. I had expected tears but she seemed pretty happy with it breaking! Surprisingly it took about 20 minutes of Lola playing with the egg before it broke. I didn't expect it to last that long. After that I gave her a plastic egg to hold which she proceeded to bash against the floor. She got bored of that pretty quickly when she worked out that it wasn't going to smash open!

Ava was super excited about cooking an egg all by herself. It was more than a little daunting letting her stand so close to the hot stove to crack the egg into the frying pan but she was very careful and actually did a pretty good job. Sure, a whole heap of shell ended up in the frying pan but that just adds a bit of roughage!  

I'm sure if Kim was here to eat his special breakfast he would have loved it - eggshell and all!


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