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Friday 20 January 2012

Felt Ball Wreath

Time for yet another (very belated) Christmas post...

This year I decided that we needed a Christmas wreath on our front door. Christmas wreaths aren't hugely popular in Australia but they seem to hang on every second door here in California. And even though it's already mid January there are still Christmas wreaths to be seen everywhere - including our front door!

In the lead up to Christmas 2010 I saw multi coloured Christmas wreaths made of felted wool balls doing the rounds on all the design blogs. I had intended to make one back then but never got around to it. Supplies for such a wreath were tricky to come by in Australia and were super expensive when they could be found. Now that we're living in a shopper's paradise the supplies were easy to come by and relatively cheap.

Making a Christmas wreath was one of the projects that I included on Ava & Lola's advent calendar of activities however the felt ball wreath was more than a little difficult for small children to work on. Instead I made most of the wreath myself and Ava stitched on a few of the felt balls at the end. She was really proud of herself for helping out on such a grown up project.

Here's Ava working on the wreath.

Ava working on the Christmas wreath

Concentrating really hard on poking the needle and thread
through the felt ball without stabbing herself

And here's the finished product.

The finished wreath under our little Christmas tree

Close up of the felt balls

The finished product hanging on our front door.
When I look out through the peep hole my view is surrounded by colour!

I liked the idea of using a multitude of retro looking colours rather than a traditional Christmas colour scheme. The colours go really well with our orange front door and when I do eventually take it down I think it will look nice on the wall in the girls' room. I've been wanting a felt ball rug like the one found here for the girls for quite some time. In the mean time this wreath will add a little splash of felt ball colour to their room.


  1. Love it Sally. I hung your feather wreath that you had to leave behind on my front door as a tribute to you (well my inner front door as otherwise it would have been in the weather) xxK.

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