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Friday 20 January 2012

Sugar Castle

Another day on the advent calendar, another giant confection creation to visit...

This time the advent voucher entitled Ava and Lola to visit the giant Sugar Castle at the Westin Hotel on Union Square.

This castle is made entirely of icing. It is surrounded by a little village of sugar cottages and sugar trees  with two trains (not made of sugar!) puffing around the outside. The castle itself is on a rotating base so that all sides can be seen from any point in the hotel lobby.

The castle, while impressive in design and the sheer amount of work and skill that has gone into it, is quite dark and didn't hold Ava or Lola's attention for long. What did get their attention however was the brightly lit Christmas tree in the corner of the lobby. Both girls were much more interested in looking at the flashing lights on the tree.

I guess this one was just a little grown up for my girls to appreciate fully.

The Sugar Castle and Sugar Village

Lola and Ava in front of the Sugar Castle

Sugar Village express coming through...

Ava and Lola loved the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby

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