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Sunday 29 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

It's Australia Day today!

Ok, so it's not Australia Day any more, but that's how I had intended to start this post when I originally starting writing it... on Australia Day.

We've all been sick with a cold/flu/cough bug this last week and my attempts at doing pretty much anything (including finishing half written blog posts) have been thwarted by said bug.

Well, enough of the excuses. Back to where I left off...


It's Australia Day today!

As it's not a holiday here and we're going about our normal day to day business - work for Kim, preschool for Ava, yet another school tour for me - I decided to whip up a batch or two of Australian delicacies to share with our American workmates and preschool buddies.

So yesterday I spent most of the day, and night, in the kitchen baking Anzac biscuits, lamingtons and pumpkin scones. Now, I've made Anzac biscuits and pumpkin scones on many occasions but this was my first attempt at making lamingtons. I was a little worried that they might not turn out quite right but I must say that they turned out pretty fantastic, even if I do say so myself!

Ava helps stir the Anzac biscuit mix

Anzac biscuits ready to bake

Ava's batch of goodies for preschool was accompanied by all the Australian themed books I could find in the kids' collection. It's amazing just how many Australian themed books they have - and without me ever buying one! Possum Magic by Mem Fox was the prize of our Australian book collection and Ava's teacher read this to the class before the kids tried their goodies. The kids loved Possum Magic and were excited to try some of the same food that little Hush possum eats as she travels around the country over the course of the book... Anzac biscuits in Adelaide, lamingtons in Hobart, pumpkin scones in Brisbane... These all went down a treat. The one food that didn't go down so well was, surprise, surprise, the vegemite! Out of the class of twenty kids only one liked it. And no, that wasn't Ava. She hates the stuff!

A little taste of Australia

While Ava's teacher read Possum Magic I walked around the classroom with a possum puppet so the kids could see how cute Australian possums are (as opposed to the not-so-cute American possums) and so they could feel it's soft fur. Now, this possum puppet of ours is actually made out of a real possum, hence the soft fur. And before you start thinking "how horrible", I'll just point out that we bought it in New Zealand where Australian possums have become a feral pest. Oh, and the kids were none that wiser that it was actually made from a real possum :)

To add a little extra Australiana, Ava's preschool friends were served their goodies on Australian flag serviettes and the classroom was decorate with Australian flag bunting. Thanks to Megan for the surprise package of Australiana! It arrived in the mail on the 25th and was a lovely surprise.

So that was our Australia Day.
No bbq. No cricket. No sunburn.
Just a nice little celebration and a few yummy treats.

Now if only I'd found that shop selling Bundaberg ginger beer the day BEFORE Australia instead of the day AFTER Australia Day...

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