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Friday 15 June 2012

Dolores Park Playground

Time for another amazing playground, this time a little closer to home.

When we first moved to the Bay Area one of the first places we visited was Dolores Park in San Francisco's Mission District. It's an amazing park with sprawling lawns, breathtaking views over the city and some pretty interesting views of the (not always dressed) locals! One thing that was missing, however, was a playground.

Fast forward to April this year and a new playground has been opened in Dolores Park. And what an amazing playground it is. The kids absolutely love this new playground. I love this new playground!
We visited the new playground while attending the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Dolores Park. As you can imagine, the park was absolutely packed with festival goers. That said, the playground has enough to keep kids occupied even with huge crowds. I think the only thing the girls had to wait their turn for was the swing and the long slide. Other than that it was go, go go...

The playground at Dolores Park

I won't go into too much detail about the playground. I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

Needless to say, Dolores Park Playground (or Helen Diller Playground at Mission Dolores Park as it is officially called) is a winner and we'll be going back for more!

Looking over the playground from the bridge

Looking over the playground from the bridge

Looking over the playground from the bridge

Ava slides down the 45ft long Super Slide

Ava and Kim made it to the top of the rock climb wall

Lola climbs on a play boat

Ava jumps the "waves"

Lola's turn to jump the "waves"

Lola swinging. Toddler swings here are fantastic.

Lola watches the playground while she swings

The playground is ADA-accessible and features a therapeutic swing - which all the kids were lining up to go on :)

Plenty to climb on, under and through

I can climb up this too!

Spin, spin, spin!

Lola loves rocking on this bug

The "Sound Garden" features oversized outdoor percussion instruments

So much to climb on

Plenty to play on

Even with all this amazing playground equipment sometimes you just want to balance on the curb :)

Playground with a view

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