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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Father's Day USA

Oops... once again I've written out a blog post and then forgotten to go back, add in the last few details and click the publish button!

It's not really Father's Day here anymore, but it was when I started typing this post...


It's Father's Day here in America.

Lucky Kim gets to celebrate Father's Day twice a year; in June for American Father's Day and again in September for Australian Father's Day. No fair! I only get one Mother's Day.

The upside (for me) to having two Father's Days a year is that I get an extra chance to work on gift and card ideas.

This year for Father's Day (USA edition) Ava and I decided to give Kim the gift of family bike rides. Ava drew some lovely pictures of Kim and the girls riding their bikes and I turned them into a gift pack.

Ava liked the idea of giving Kim a booklet of vouchers. I liked the idea of making him a card that entitled him to unlimited family bike rides. Something he could keep in his wallet and pull out every time he wanted to take the girls for a ride. We decided to combine the ideas and make both. Well, sort of.

We came up with the idea of the Mason Family Bike Club. Ava and I made ID cards for each member of our family and these were included in a Member Gift Pack with a dozen vouchers, each one good for one family bike ride.

The "Mason Family Bike Club"  member gift pack with Ava' original drawings

Mason Family Bike Club ID cards 

The gift pack folder with vouchers and ID card

As well as the gift of the very exclusive bike club membership, Ava and Lola also gave Kim socks. That's right, the good old Father's Day staple. The girls have been giving Kim a pair of quirky socks for Father's Day each year. I really like the brand Happy Socks from Sweden. Their designs are colourful and quirky without being kitsch.

Ava also had a gift for Kim that she had made at pre-school. Ava's class printed their hands and feet onto t-shirts for their Dads. Lola happened to be hanging around at pre-school one day when the t-shirts were being printed so her feet appear on Kim's t-shirt as well. She wasn't quite so cooperative when it came to her hands though.

Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there in this part of the world.

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