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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Air Plant Workshop

Last week I got back into my floristry work. Well, kind of...

As we don't have any outdoor space of our own in which to grow a garden, I've been looking for ways to bring nature inside. Potted orchids, terrariums and air plants (Tillandsia) are slowly starting to fill our apartment with green. Last Friday evening I attended a “Tillandsia (Air Plant) Mounted on Driftwood" workshop at Utsuwa Floral Design in San Francisco's Japantown.

I'd been trying to get into one of the workshops at Utsuwa for months but they sell out rather fast. As soon as I heard about this particular workshop I signed up straight away. Past workshop projects have also included terrariums and bonsai.

The materials: air plants, driftwood, moss... 

Can you believe that there's a glue made specifically for sticking air plants onto things?

Working on my creation 

Securing the air plants with rubber band while the glue sets

Almost finished

You can see more photos from the workshop here and here

Air plants make the perfect indoor garden for small apartments. The fact that they don't need soil to grow means that there is practically no mess. Fingers crossed the girls don't prove me wrong about the lack of mess! So far they're yet to touch my plants but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

All done

Next month I'll be heading back to Utsuwa for a Hanging Rabbit Foot Fern workshop
More greenery for our apartment.

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