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Friday 23 November 2012

A Thanksgiving Turkey... Costume!

I've mentioned before that Ava had this idea in her head that she must dress up as a turkey for Thanksgiving. I thought this would be a fun idea so I got to work on making costumes for both Ava and Lola.

Lots of felt, coat hanger wire and hours later we had two little turkeys ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Here's a look at the costumes I made for the girls. They both happened to have brown onesie tracksuits in their wardrobe (as you do!) which made the perfect base for their costumes. With the addition of tails  (wired to stand up), turkey feet and beaks the girls were good to go. Unfortunately Lola wouldn't wear her costume for a photo so you'll just have to believe me when I say she looked adorable.

Turkey Ava flapping her wings

Turkey Ava

Here comes the turkey!

Ava and her beak

Ava and her tail feathers

Lola wouldn't wear her beak so I did instead!

Me wearing Lola's tail

Ava's turkey accessories

Lola's costume


  1. Any pattern for this? picture of the underside of feet? -Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer.
      Unfortunately I don't have a pattern for this - I just made it up as I went.
      The feet are the same on both sides. They just go around the ankle with the elastic and sit on top of my kids' shoes.

  2. Hello Little Hiccups!
    Can you give me a little guidance on how you made the beak?



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