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Friday 2 November 2012

Time to vote...

It's time to vote!

No, not in the presidential election - or at least not yet.

It's time to vote for Ava and Lola in American Apparel's Halloween Costume Contest.

Both Ava and Lola's costumes for Halloween this year were a combination of pieces from American Apparel and handmade or store bought accessories. Ava's cape, belt, wrist bands and mask were all handmade by me. Lola's Minnie Mouse skirt and tail were made by me while the Minnie Mouse ears were a gift (of Ava's) from Euro Disney. Pretty much everything else came from American Apparel.

Super Ava

Mini Minnie Mouse

The girls and I would love it if you could vote for them by clicking on the following links:

Mini Minnie Mouse

Super Ava

I must point out that the voting is a little strange. When you click the link you'll be taken to the picture of either Ava or Lola. However, when you click on "Start Scoring" to vote it will take you to the most recent photo. You'll need to scroll through a few pictures to get to the girls. It's a rather strange set up. Lola's picture comes up first out of the two and Ava's follows directly after it.

My costume was also made from American Apparel clothing but it was mostly covered by layers of fabric so it didn't really meet their entry requirements for the contest. Here's a look at it anyway ;)

Lady Liberty and Minnie Mouse

 Thanks for voting!

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