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Friday 2 November 2012

Trick or Treat

Halloween is over for another year.

We carved pumpkins, we made costumes, we drew scary pictures, we dressed up, we went in a school parade and, most importantly, we went trick or treating.

Here's a look at our Halloween for 2012.

First up, Ava's school had a parade with all the students and teachers dressed up. Ava was super excited about dressing up in her super hero outfit at school. Lola was super excited to see all the kids in their costumes and was desperate to join in.

Lola joins Ava and her classmates for the parade

Ava's teacher leads the class

The parade wound through the school grounds and around the block

Lola was intrigued by this penguin (the school's principal) until she said hello - then she was terrified!

Here comes Ava's class

Even super heros get a little embarrassed by parents taking photos at school! 

After school finished we had a little rest at home before heading out for trick or treating in the early evening. Ava and Lola played in the courtyard in their costumes while they waited for it to be time to go. They were so eager to get out there and collect candy with their friends.

Super Ava

Super Ava and Minnie Mouse

Super Ava flies through the courtyard

Close to 6:00pm we headed to a friend's house to start our evening of trick or treating. The weather wasn't looking so promising (it was starting to rain) but nothing was going to get between the girls and their candy! This was Ava's second time trick or treating so she was pretty much an expert. Lola on the other hand was trick or treating properly for the fist time. She had come along trick or treating with us last year but was too young to join in as she couldn't walk. Lola actually started walking for the first time after trick or treating on Halloween last year. She saw Ava sorting her candy in the next room and was so keen to join in that she got up and walked over to her for the first time ever! The things kids will do for candy!

Lola's little friends Solly and Sky were trick or treating for the first time ever as well. It was so cute seeing how excited they all were about whole thing. In fact, it was the first time trick or treating for most of the adults in our group too seeing as we're almost all foreigners!

On a side note, you may recognise the house that we're standing in front of for our group photos from last year's Halloween. This is actually our old house! We've been really lucky to make such good friends with the families living there now.

Johanna and the little trick or treaters:
Baby Chick Siena, Minnie Mouse Lola, Super Ava, Skeleton Solly and Bumble Bee Sky

Halloween Family! Super Ava, Minnie Mouse Lola, Nerd Kim and me, the Statue of Liberty

Lola and I heading off to trick or treat

Minnie Mouse and the Nerd!

Look! I've got candy!

Trick or treating

I love how much effort some people put into decorating their houses

Lola gets ready to say "Trickle Treat" - close enough!

We had a fantastic time trick or treating even if the rain did make it a little uncomfortable. Halloween is such a fun holiday and I'm so glad that the girls get to experience it while we're living here. I love that they're going to grow up having such fun memories of the holidays and customs that they get to celebrate here.

Well, that's Halloween for another year. Time to hide the candy from the kids before they eat it all in one go!

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