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Thursday 28 February 2013

A new bed for Ava

Before we moved to America we promised Ava that we would buy her bunk beds. Well, here we are almost a year and a half later and still no bunk beds. Poor Ava must think that we've forgotten.

We haven't forgotten though. Bunk beds are ordered and on their way... from Denmark! It took a little while to find the perfect bunk beds that suited my taste and budget - not an easy task at all! By the time I finally decided to place an order the bunk beds were out of stock nation wide with the distributor and we've had to wait for the next shipment which, fingers crossed, will set sail any day now. Let's just hope that ship uses an engine rather than sails!

Anyway, in the meantime Ava has been sleeping on an Aerobed inflatable mattress. We've been pretty happy with the Aerobed as a temporary bed for Ava, however in the last month it has developed "speed bumps". Speed bumps? On a bed? I'm not exactly sure how to describe what has happened to the bed but it does look like it has speed bumps, and trust me, it's about as comfortable as sleeping over a speed bump. Poor Ava.

So with the Aerobed all but destroyed (I'm hoping there will be an easy fix) and the bunk beds a month away from delivery we found ourselves a little stuck. Or at least I thought we were stuck until the logical solution was pointed out to me - have Ava's mattress delivered now instead of waiting for the bunk beds to arrive. So simple. Why didn't I think of that?

Ava's new Sopora mattress was scheduled for delivery yesterday and we were all excited waiting for its arrival. I'd been advised by the store I ordered it from that the foam mattress would be delivered with the air compressed out of it and I couldn't wait to see just how squished it would be.

Sure enough, the mattress arrived squished into a box. You wouldn't believe that a mattress would fit inside such a box, but it did.

Ava was pretty excited to receive her new mattress.
Check out the "speed bumps" on her old bed in the background!

What's in this box?

The girls were excited to see the mattress expand as it was taken out of the box and its vacuum sealed bag. I was surprised at just how quickly it expanded. The manufacturer suggests that it may take between 2 and 24 hours for the mattress to fully decompress. After only 30 seconds the mattress appeared to be at its full size and density. We did however wait about 5 hours before making it up with sheets and a quilt - just in case.

It's a squished mattress

All curled up in its plastic bag

30 seconds out of the bag and it looks like a mattress

Nice, thick mattress

Ava is so excited to finally have her new mattress. It means she's one step closer to getting the promised bunk beds. Plus she gets all of her own bedding back. When she was sleeping on the Aerobed, which was a queen size, she had to use boring grown up bedding. Now she's back to the colourful spots and stripes she had back in Adelaide and she couldn't be happier. Well, I guess if she had her bunk beds she could be!

All made up and ready for bed

Speaking of the bunk beds, here's a look at what we have ordered for Ava. The bed is from Popsicle Furniture. I love the simplicity of the design. It's super flexible and can be converted into two single beds (that's twin size in America). With a few extra bits it can also be converted into a high loft bed or a mid sleeper loft. There are all sorts of extras available too such as a slide (for the mid sleeper height), a tunnel cover and play curtains to turn it into a fun hide out. Ava is desperate to get the tunnel!

Can't wait for this to arrive!

The best bit about Ava's new mattress? It's incredibly comfortable, even set up on the floor, and Ava slept like a baby on it last night. Just imagine how much better it will be set up on the top bunk.

Sweet dreams!


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute they are! I love Ava's glasses! My oldest wears glasses too. Thanks for stopping by!

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