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Friday 15 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This has been our second Valentine's Day in America and therefore only the second time we've ever done anything to celebrate it. Well, the kids have celebrated it, that is. I still can't bring myself to fall for all that mushy, lovey-dovey couple stuff that Valentine's Day means for so many people. I do however, like that kids celebrate all of the people they love on this day. 

We started our day with lovely little bouquets of hyacinths for the girls. As you can see below Lola was pretty excited about her flowers!

Happy little Valentines

The main group of people that kids celebrate Valentine's Day with here are their classmates. Last year Ava and I baked sugar cookies for her classmates at preschool. We packed the cookies in little bags with a picture of Ava as a baker on the top. They were a huge hit with her preschool friends and teachers. You can see them here
This year I was feeling a little lazy when it came to organising Valentines for Ava to hand out to her classmates and I purchased the Valentine's Multi Pack of Tattly temporary tattoos. Each pack contains 24 cards, stickers and assorted love themed temporary tattoos. I'm a big fan of Tattly tattoos and if you've followed this blog for a while you may recall that I give them out at every opportunity - Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, birthday parties - plus the kids and I wear them quite often as seen here.
Just as I had predicted the tattoos went down a treat with Ava's class.

Tattly Tattoos Valentine's Multi Pack

Even though I love the Valentine's Day tattoos the urge to be a little more creative got the better of me so last night Ava and I got to work on a Valentine's production line with potatoes, ink pads, cardboard and washi tape. We stamped little hearts and arrows carved from potatoes and made cards for Ava to hand out to her friends along with their tattoos. You can see what we created below.
Stamping with potatoes

Stamping with potatoes

Little cards ready for Ava to write out

After stamping all of the Valentine's Day cards I used the potato heart stamp to embellish some plain craft paper to wrap the girls' flowers.

Pretty little bouquets

Happy with their bouquets

Hope you all had a lovely day :)

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