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Monday 18 February 2013

Dolores Park on sunny day

Dolores Park in San Francisco's Mission District is always an interesting place to spend a sunny afternoon. Yesterday was no exception. Whenever the sun comes out so to do the crazy hijinks!

We had organised to spend the day in Dolores Park with friends from Berkeley. It was a beautiful day and we soaked up the sun (a little too much for my poor shoulders unfortunately!) and sights as the kids played in the amazing playground, rode their scooters and balance bikes, kicked balls, threw frisbees and took it in turns sitting on a police motorbike.

Little bikie gang

Riding and scooting

Riding with a view

Scoot and Skuut!

San Francisco's littlest police officers 

There is always something interesting to see in the park: the guy cruising around on his segway with his stereo blaring, the people balancing on string between trees, and the impromptu dance parties that inevitably start as the day wears on. This is all pretty standard for Dolores Park on a sunny day.

Yesterday things got a little more interesting when a giant slip 'n' slide, large bottles of water, copious amounts of baby oil, and a group of underwear clad people set up next to our picnic blanket!  For the next few hours a large crowd formed around the slip 'n' slide and we watched as oiled up guys and girls slid down the hill on their bums, stomachs and feet. Some quite successful, making it all the way to the bottom without spilling their beer (there was plenty of beer involved!) and others not quite so successful only making it half way before having to propel themselves on with their hands. One guy ended up involuntarily doing the splits which, while no doubt painful for him, proved to be quite hilarious as far as the crowd was concerned!

Don't drop that beer!


Oops! Attempting to stand up resulted in the splits!

A little painful!

Group slide

Ready to slide

There were some pretty bruised bums by late afternoon!


The skydiver slide



Arms by the side for a little extra aerodynamics

Out of control - lost his hat and about to lose his beer!

Wishing you could see the action? Well, you're in luck. I filmed a few of the slides with Vine. You can see them below:

Slip 'n' Slide 


Slip 'n' Slide

Slip 'n' Slide

Ok, so I wasn't so creative with the video titles! But you must check them out. They're really fun!

Oh, and no, we didn't take part in the sliding but we did have fun watching!

You just never know what's going to happen when you head to Dolores Park on a sunny day but you always know it's going to be interesting!


  1. Haha! That looks like so much fun! Love San Francisco and the nutty stuff you see just walking around.

  2. Oh, Dolores Park...it's quite unique, isn't it? On a gorgeous day, it can't be beat...and clearly everyone else thinks so as well because it's always PACKED! Looks like a fun day. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. Looks like an amazing park! The girls look so cute on their wheels:-)

    1. Dolores Park has the best playground and amazing views over the city. There are always "interesting" views within the park itself too ;)
      We'll definitely head there when you visit. It's such a nice spot to spend an afternoon. The kids will love it.
      Did you see my post on the playground a while back? If not you can see it here: http://www.littlehiccups.net/2012/06/dolores-park-playground.html


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