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Monday 8 April 2013

Easter Egg Bunting

I'm getting a little behind with my posts of late so I must apologise for just how late this one is - especially considering it's an Easter post!

We're in the process of looking for a new rental home and it's really eating up all my time. Fingers crossed we get the perfect little home that we found this weekend. More on that later. For now let's have a look back at this Easter post I never finished...


I really like Easter. No, not just for the chocolates - although the chocolate is one of the highlights. My favourite thing about Easter is the opportunity it gives me for getting creative. A quick look through Pinterest and you'll find all sorts of crafty Easter inspiration. Ok, so there's no such thing as a "quick" look through Pinterest. We all know what a time sapper that site can be!

I had great plans for all of the creative things that I was going to work on this Easter but then life (i.e. suddenly having to look for a new home) got in the way. I did however manage to squeeze in a few little craft activities so here's a look at the first one... Mini Egg Bunting.

Mini Egg Bunting on our front door

I'm a big fan of decorative bunting. It's such a simple touch that can add so much more interest to your decor for parties or just in your house. It can be made out of almost anything lightweight; paper, Autumn leaves, book pages, fabric...

This is a really simple project and can be made with any shape you like - which is good seeing as this is a little late for Easter!

What you'll need:
Paper (I used Paper Source Mini Dots paper set)
Egg shaped paper punch (I got mine online from Scrappily Ever After)
Sewing machine

How you do it:
Start by punching out lots of eggs shapes from your paper.

Once you have enough paper eggs you can start assembling your bunting. I piled the paper eggs by colour but picked them at random as I went. If you'd prefer to have a repeating pattern it's a good idea to work it out beforehand so you can have everything ready to go.

Thread your sewing machine in bright contrasting colour. Start sewing a short distance without anything under the foot and tie a knot at the very end to secure it. You can now start adding your eggs. I was able to slide my paper eggs under the sewing machine foot while it was down. Depending on the paper you use and your machine you may need to lift the foot up each time you add an egg. I spaced my eggs at random intervals approximately 5cm to 15cm apart.

Sewing the egg bunting

I made my bunting in three separate lengths rather than one long piece to keep it from tangling too much. As I planned to drape the bunting across my front door this was fine. However, if you wish to use your bunting in one long piece (say, across a window frame or a wall) you'd be best to measure the length you need and make it in one long piece.

Once I was done sewing the eggs onto the bunting all that was left to do was attach it to my front door. I used washi masking tape to attach the ends of the bunting to the top and sides of my front door. In a few spots I found that I needed to use a little doubled over tape on the back of the eggs to secure them to the door. This was simply to stop the bunting moving too much every time the door opened or closed.

Mini Egg Bunting all over our door

And there you have it. Simple egg bunting for (next) Easter.

Egg bunting close up

Lots of little eggs on our door

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  1. Great idea - I like it. And if you don't have a sewing machine, I guess you could just glue two eggs together with the string in the middle. Very nice!


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