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Monday 1 April 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter Sunday at home yesterday. The Easter Bunny visited over night leaving treats for the girls, we made a mess throwing confetti eggs at each other, we wore bunny ears, we hunted for eggs in our courtyard, and hunted for even more eggs downstairs at Trader Joe's.

Here's a look at our Easter Sunday for 2013...

As expected the girls both woke up nice and early, eager to see if the Easter Bunny had visited. As soon as they stepped out into the living room they could see that the Easter Bunny had indeed been as he'd left behind a trail of sparkly footprints. That messy bunny!

Following the sparkly bunny footprints

Further proof of the Easter Bunny's visit was to be found in the girl's Easter baskets. They had been left out empty the night before but were now full of Cadbury Creme Eggs and Lindt bunnies and carrot umbrellas with large Lindt bunnies keeping watch. Mmm... delicious! Oh, and the carrots that we'd left out for the Easter Bunny had ben eaten. It certainly must've a rabbit who visited overnight!

The girls left out their Easter baskets along with some carrots and a glass of water for the Easter Bunny

Some bunny ate the carrots

The Easter Bunny spoilt the girls


Along with the chocolate goodies from the Easter Bunny the girls found presents from Mamma & Papa in Australia and Mummy & Daddy. Lucky girls.

Lola opens an Easter present from Mummy & Daddy

Ava helps Lola unwrap her present

"Pippi Longstocking" for Ava and "Duck! Rabbit!" for Lola

Lola "reads" her card from Mamma & Papa 

The girls open presents from Mamma and Papa 

Mmm... chocolate carrots

After opening presents and eating a few chocolates the girls headed out to the hallway to find out how the Easter Bunny got into our apartment. Here they discovered that the footprints led all the way from our front door back to the closest fire escape. Aha, so that's how the Easter Bunny got in!

The bunny footprints came from the hallway

Following the bunny footprints

The Easter Bunny had left one more surprise for the girls: a pack of confetti eggs. These colourful eggs shells packed full of paper confetti are perfect for throwing at each other and making a big colourful Easter mess. And oh what a mess we made!

Lola shakes a confetti egg

Confetti egg mess

Such a mess

Confetti egg mess

Ava scoops up the confetti so she can throw it at me again and again!

Next up we headed out to our shared courtyard for an Easter egg hunt. On Saturday we had coloured eggs ready for our egg hunt so we had lots of colourful eggs to search for. I hid the eggs throughout our garden while the girls patiently waited. They were so excited when they were given the go ahead to start searching.

Ready to hunt for eggs in our courtyard

Smiley egg hiding in the pebbles

I found one!

Lola adds an egg to her carton

Sunny side out

Searching, searching...

Found one!

Five eggs for Ava so far

Multi coloured egg

Another egg

Hmm... where to now?

Another egg!

This one looks like a chick

The girls show off their eggs

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and (if you're somewhere other than America) I hope that you enjoyed the four day long weekend!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sally. So cute the bunny footprints! And is it hard boiled eggs you have coloured? Great idea. Every easter is like one big chocolate overdose!

    1. The coloured eggs are indeed hardboiled. We never did this back home as the eggs are brown and the colour doesn't take well. Here we can get super white eggs which, while they don't seem particular natural, are great for colouring :)


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