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Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Party

I mentioned earlier that last weekend was a busy one for us with a cheerleading competition and an Easter Party. We've already seen the cheerleading competition - go Berkeley Bear Cubs! - so now let's see the Easter party...

Little Easter cuties

My friend Hanna is something of a perfectionist when it comes to party preparations so I knew when she invited us to an Easter party that we'd be in for a treat.

As expected everything at the party was laid out perfectly with little name tags for all the food, lovely big balloons, activity stations and even perfect sunny weather! Not quite sure how she managed the last one!

There was no end to the party fun for the kids with egg dying, Easter cookie decorating, an Easter egg hunt and, the highlight of the day, bubble blowing. Oh, but it wasn't just normal bubble blowing mind you, it was super large bubble blowing. You'll see what I mean...

The Easter egg hunt was first up. Apparently the Easter Bunny had visited the front yard and dropped chocolate goodies throughout the garden while we'd been in the back yard. The kids were all given bags for collecting their treats and they headed off to go hunting.

The egg hunt

Lola finds an egg in a flower

Ava found one too

Sky finds an egg

Ooh... what's down here?

Eden finds an egg in a flower too 

The little Easter egg hunters

The little Easter egg hunters

After collecting bags of Easter treats it was time to decorate some Easter cookies. I had made sugar cookies in the shape of eggs, bunnies, and flowers and left them plain for the kids to decorate with icing and sprinkles.

Sky and Lola decorate cookies

Sky decorates a cookie

The highlight of the day was definitely the next activity: giant bubbles!
Hanna had organised for local "Bubble Chick" Tina Meeks to come and perform some bubble tricks for the kids. We had met Tina making the most amazing gigantic bubbles in the park one day and we just knew that we had to have her and her bubbles entertain the kids at a party. After showing us the ropes (literally!) we all got to take turns making our own giant bubbles. The kids had a great time making bubbles, jumping through bubbles, popping bubbles, chasing bubbles... So much bubbly fun!

Ava makes a giant bubble


Ava makes a giant bubble

Ava jumps through a giant bubble

And she's through!

The grown ups got in on the bubble fun too much to the delight of the kids

Torben jumps through a giant bubble

Through the bubble

Here comes a big bubble

Spinning bubbles

The big kids were bubble pros in no time

Bubbles, bubbles

This one looks like a tornado

Bubble fun

Ava kept popping Kim's bubbles before they could get big

Ha, she can't get this one!

Ava tries to pop Kim's bubble again

We had a lovely time at the Easter party. Good friends, yummy food, beautiful weather and plenty of fun, fun, fun. Thanks again Hanna!

Riding home with big balloons


  1. Love it! Thank you Sally for this beautiful recap of the day!

  2. Loooove the big bubbles!!! What a fun day you had:)


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