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Thursday 21 March 2013

Shamrocks for St Patrick's Day

This one's a little late. I had planned to write a post about the shamrock hair accessories I was making for the girls for St Patrick's Day. But I got distracted! In fact, I got so distracted that I didn't even end up making the girls' shamrock hair accessories until a few hours before the St Patrick's Day parade! With the rush to make the girls' hair accessories there was no time to write a post in time for St Patrick's Day. Maybe this will serve as crafty inspiration for someone for next year's St Patrick's day instead!

Ava wears her shamrock headband to the St Patrick's Day parade in San Francisco

I made a shamrock headband for Ava and a shamrock hair clip for Lola. They were both pretty simple to make and the process is basically the same.

Shamrock headband

What you'll need
Green felt
Green thread
Headband or hair clip

How you do it
Start by drawing or tracing a shamrock shape of the desired size onto your felt. A google search will bring up plenty of simple shamrock shapes if you don't feel confident drawing your own. For each hair accessory cut two shamrocks of the same size.

Place the two felt shamrocks together. If your felt has a nicer side, make sure that this face out.

With your green thread start stitching the two shamrocks together by hand. I used a basic backstitch to avoid leaving any gaps in the stitching. You could do this with your sewing machine if you prefer.

I kept the stitching fairly basic. I stitched a simple V shape on each of the leaves and a line down the stem. You can make your stitching as decorative as you like.

Shamrock hair clip

Once the two shamrocks pieces are stitched together it's time to stitch them onto a headband or hair clip. Make sure that the neat side of your stitching faces out.

Stitch the shamrock onto your headband or hair clip

Voila! There you have it - a simple shamrock hair accessory for St Patrick's Day. Well, for next St Patrick's Day, perhaps...

Lola wears her shamrock hair clip at the St Patrick's Day parade in San Francisco
- she had just woken up in this photo hence her slightly dazed look!

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