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Saturday 9 March 2013

Off to the snow!

This weekend we're heading off to the snow! And this time it's not just man made snow in a parking lot in Berkeley. No, this time it's REAL snow!

The girls are really excited about going to the snow and all afternoon they've been preparing; packing a suitcase, trying on snow gear, working out what they'd like to do when they get there... They've also been getting into "snow mood" by looking at pictures from our last adventure in a cold and white wonderland.

Back in 2010 we took Ava to the snowfields in Victoria, Australia. We spent a few days tobogganing, building snowmen, making snow angels and having snowball fights. Ava absolutely loved it and has been eager to go back. Lola hasn't been to the snow yet but is eager to find out what all of the fuss is about. I guess, technically she did go to the snow with us last time as I was 6 months pregnant with her, but it doesn't really count!

Our last trip to the snow required at least 10 hours of driving just to get within reach of the snowfields. Here in the Bay Area we're only a 3 hour drive away from the snowfields of Lake Tahoe. A much nicer drive! We're so lucky to have snow so close and I can't believe that we're yet to make use of its close proximity.

While I prepare for our weekend away I thought I'd share some photos from our last trip to the snow.

Day 1...

Ava's first day in the snow

Ava loved tobogganing


Back at the top of the toboggan run

Ava's first snowman

Day 2 (a new day, a new snow outfit)...

Ava and I infront of the cute cabin we stayed in

Ava was super fast on her toboggan

Back to the top

Ava and I

Ava and her second snowman
Poor snowman didn't last long before Ava kicked him over!

Ava and Kim

My turn on the toboggan

You'll see in these photos that the snow coverage wasn't all that great - in many places on the toboggan run there was grass and dirt poking through, especially on our second day. The snow was quite wet and very compacted in places which made making our snowmen and snowballs a little tricky. From the weather reports I've seen it looks like the Lake Tahoe area has been getting good snow fall all this week so we should be in for *slightly* better snow coverage. Fingers crossed it will be nice and powdery.

Back to packing...


  1. Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Lake Tahoe! I used to have a friend living there - the area is just so beautiful!

    1. Photos from Tahoe coming soon! It's such a beautiful place. I can't wait to go back in Summer and see it from a different perspective.

  2. Ava looks so young in these pics...time has flown - K


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