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Friday 15 March 2013

Our wheatgrass is growing!

Remember that wheat grass we planted last week? You can see the original post here. Well, it certainly has grown!

It's amazing just how fast this stuff grows. I planted the seeds last Thursday and by the time we came back from Lake Tahoe on Sunday evening we had green sprouts popping up everywhere!

Here's a look at just how much it has grown so far.

Growing nicely

Lots of wheatgrass

I planted a few pots worth of seeds in clear containers as I had lots of seeds left over after we'd filled our original pots. It's quite interesting to see the roots growing through the sides of the container.

Look at all those roots

We still have two weeks until Easter so I'm excited to see just how much more it grows in that time.

Time to get working on what I'm actually going to do with all this wheatgrass!

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