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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Berkeley Super Kids

This past Sunday Ava competed in her third cheerleading competition with her team Berkeley Super Kids.

My little cheerleader

Each 10 or so week session of cheerleading classes the kids choose a new name for their team. In the past Ava's team has been Berkeley Stars and Berkeley Bear Cubs. The kids' hard work in class culminates in a cheerleading competition against other Bay Area teams. In the past there have been only three teams in each of Ava's competition time slots. This time around there were four teams: Berkeley, Oakland, Newark and Livermore.

Ava and her cheer buddy Abby

Ava's day of cheerleading didn't get off to such a good start: one of the girls in her team didn't turn up, they only got to practise their routine once due to their coach having to make changes to one of the older Berkeley teams, the music wasn't amplified properly and was slightly different to what they have been rehearsing to with a whole section of it missing...

Considering all of the setbacks the kids kept their spirits high and gave it their all when it was their turn to compete. They did a great job especially given the surprise omission of part of their routine and came in third in their competition. Another medal for Ava's ever growing collection.

Ready... OK!

The Super Kids have arrived

We came for the gold...

...and our team can't be stopped

Berkeley Super Kids

We're number 1!

Shake those pom poms

Ava shows off her latest medal

As well as the bronze medal that she won, Ava also received a trophy for taking part in the competition.  Plus there's another medal on the way for Ava taking part in every lesson. We're going to need to build a trophy cabinet one of these days!

Here's a look at the Berkeley Super Kids in action on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/67762055

And here's their cheer:
Here from Berkeley
The Super Kids have arrived.
We are here to show
Just who's best.
We came for the gold
and our team can't be stopped.
Super Kids
We're number one!

We'll be taking a little break from cheerleading over the Summer due to our busy schedule of visitors, trips and moving house but will be back at it again in the Fall.


  1. Well done, Ava! The girls are really impressed by your pompoms!! Congratulations on yet another medal!

    1. Ava's really enjoying her cheerleading and of course, loves getting more medals and trophies! She gets a new pom pom next week for passing up to the next level. That'll be 5 pom poms in total that she'll have. They get a different colour for each level they move up to but always use the red and silver (beginner level) for cheer competitions.

  2. How exciting! So much fun to try something we don't really have over here. I love reading your blog - you guys are always up to something fun. Are you taking it easy, Sally?! Remember that rest!

    1. Yes Nurse Nina! Trying to take it easy and get lots of rest. Not the easiest thing while house hunting though!


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