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Saturday 29 June 2013

Fun at Strawberry Canyon Pool

Summer is definitely here in the Bay Area now and I've got the sunburn to prove it!

Yesterday was such a lovely warm day. The girls and I made the most of the warm weather by catching up with friends at Strawberry Canyon Pool high up in the hills above the university.

Fun in the pool on a sunny day

After a bit of a hike to get there we reached the pool just before it was due to open to the public (there had been Summer camp activities on when we arrived). We met our friends under a shady tree and had a picnic lunch while we waited for the pool to open.

Ava had so much fun swimming with her friend Rider. They met at swimming classes last year at the YMCA however it's been quite some time since they've swam together. They couldn't wait to get in the pool and show each other how much their swimming skills have advanced since they last shared a class.

Ava and Rider ready to swim

Lola is not quite as much of a swimming fan as Ava is. She likes to be in the water but isn't keen on doing much. Sitting on the steps of the pool splashing her feet is enough to keep her happy, and that's pretty much what she did the whole time. Lola's friend Fiona was a little more adventurous in the pool and was happy to splash around with her Mum but Lola couldn't be tempted away from the steps.

Lola liked hanging out on the steps

Pool fun

Here's a look at some of the fun the kids had in the pool...

Ava and Rider had loads of fun floating around on giant pool noodles. The used them like pool ponies but had a little trouble stay on!

Just like a pool pony

Bouncing around

Splash! Ava falls off.

Rider's turn to fall off

Lola quite liked playing with pool noodles and kick boards - as long as they stayed near the steps. She insisted on calling the kick board a surfboard and even tried (unsuccessfully) surfing on it at one point!
Lola pretends to swim!

This surfboard doesn't work!

The girls had so much fun playing in the pool with their friends. We'll have to visit Strawberry Canyon Pool again soon. It's such a great pool in a lovely spot nestled amongst the trees. Definitely worth the hike up that hill!

We love the pool!

It was a little sunny

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go in the water with the kids so I had to make do with sitting on the side dangling my feet in the pool. While I plastered the kids and myself with sunscreen I inadvertently missed the tops of my legs as my dress was originally covering them. A few hours of sitting by the pool with my dress tucked up a little higher and I ended up with red thighs. Ouch!

Next time I look forward to actually getting in the pool with the kids. And I'll make sure to apply more sunscreen...


  1. Aaaaahhh, looks lovely! Pretty cold over here at the moment. I wore a beanie walking to school today. We have had as cold at 1degree overnight....brrrrr.

  2. Ava and Lola are both decked out on beanies, hoodies and scarves at the moment. It's not cold in our apartment and it was quite warm today but they decided they needed to wear all that anyway. Maybe they're feeling the cold all the way from Adelaide!

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