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Saturday 15 June 2013

School's out for Summer...

Cue the cheesy Alice Cooper music... School's out for Summer!

Today was Ava's last day of Kindergarten at Berkeley Arts Magnet. Come the end of August she'll be a big First Grader.

Much like the rest of the week today was a day of fun activities at school. The kids had a slide show in the morning to look back on the fun things they've done throughout the year and the new friends they've made. This was followed by a pot luck picnic in the school yard and an extended lunch recess break. This in turn was followed up with a movie; "Ratatouille" I believe from Ava's description.

Here's a look at Ava's last day of Kindergarten...

Arriving at school in the morning as a Kindergartener for the last time

Ava with her friends
Ava with her teacher Ms Davis

Goodbye Kindergarten yard. Next year Ava will be sharing the "big yard" with the rest of the school.

Got to love those funny American school buses!

Time to leave school

Ava hangs out with her friends

After school there were a few little surprises in store for Ava. First up a graduation cupcake. Trust me, it disappeared pretty quickly after this photo was taken!

Mmm... graduation cake

Ava's next surprise was some Summer reading in the form of two of her favourite book series from school; Captain Underpants and Fly Guy. Neither of these series of books seem like something a 6 year old girl would enjoy but she absolutely loves them.  

Captain Underpants is one of Ava's favourite book characters. 

Fly Guy is another favourite of Ava's

I can't believe that a whole year of school has gone by already. It seems like only yesterday I was writing about Ava's first day of school.

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