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Friday 25 October 2013

31 Days of ABCs: Y is for Yoga

I'm excited to be taking part in a wonderful series which has been running throughout the month of October called 31 Days of ABCs. Each day a different blogger shares a project or activity related to a letter of the alphabet.

Today we're up to the letter Y. Y for yellow, yoghurt, yarn, yak, yam and, as you'll see below, Y for yoga.

Here in Berkeley, yoga is a pretty big thing. My girls love practising their yoga and are always showing me different positions that they've perfected - or think they've perfected! This got me thinking about how they could use their bodies to make the letters of the alphabet with yoga inspired positions.


Some of the letters were pretty simple to make, think I, X, T and Y. Others were a little trickier and required a bit of balance and lots of concentration such as G, J, S and V. And then there were some letters that we just couldn't work out how to make with only one person such as B, D, N and U. These required cooperation and teamwork from the girls in order to make them work. Or in the case of the letter W, let's make that almost work!

So let's take a lot at our Yoga ABCs...

Once they were done making their bodies into the letters of the alphabet the girls wanted to show me a few of their regular yoga positions.

Tree pose

Triangle pose

Downward facing dog

Lola's modified downward facing dog

Mountain pose

Ava looking serious and Lola looking like she's about to start laughing - pretty standard!

Ava sang a little song about a banana while doing this one!

Big thanks to Leanna of All Done Monkey for organising 31 Days of ABCs. Make sure you check out the other posts in the series. You can find them all here: http://alldonemonkey.com/31-days-of-abcs/
You can also find all the featured posts plus more ABC related ideas on the 31 Days of ABCs Pinterest board.


  1. What a fun idea! A teacher friend once told me that incorporating movement into learning really helped kids learn the concept (we were discussing baby signs), so this is really great! I love the picture of "Om" ;) Thanks for participating in this series!

    1. Thanks Leanna! We had lots of fun coming up with how to make the letters.

  2. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing such amazing photos of your girls in the ABC yoga poses. :)
    Kids Yoga Stories

  3. What a wonderful activity to do with the girls! I'm inspired!!!


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