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Thursday 10 October 2013

International Walk & Roll to School Day

Today, October 9th was International Walk & Roll to School Day.

For us it's not really different to any other school day as Ava always either walks, rides her scooter or rides her bike. Definitely a benefit of living close to school and not owning a car!

For today Ava chose to ride her bike. She loves riding her bike to school but seeing as it requires a little extra time in the morning to get the bike ready we usually stick to walking or scooting most days.

Waiting for the traffic light to change

The road to school is a "Bicycle Boulevard"

Crossing the road next to school

On arrival at school all of the students (and some of the little siblings) were given a sticker dot. They then lined up to stick their dots on a chart to show how they came to school today.

Ava adds her dot to the chart

After sticking their dots on the chart the kids lined up in another queue for goodies: a Z Bar and pencil. Ava pointed out later that the outside of the pencil changed colour where she held it. It changed from orange to yellow and back again. A hypercolour pencil!

Pretty happy with her goodies

After the kids went in to class I had a look at the dot distribution on the chart. I was pleased to see that the majority of the kids actually did either walk or roll to school today.

Lots of walking and rolling

Wouldn't it be great if everyday was walk and roll to school day for everyone!

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