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Friday 4 October 2013

The Wishing Tree

Today Lola and I walked home from pre-school along a different route, and I'm so glad we did.

Along our walk we came across a special lemon tree. But it wasn't the abundance of lemons that caught our eyes, it was something else. Hanging all over the tree were swing tags; each with something written on it.

On closer inspection I discovered that each tag contained a wish. There were wishes for the good health of loved ones, wishes for love, wishes for happiness, wishes for peace and, my favourite, a wish for a rainbow. But these wishes were not purely those of the tree's owner. They were wishes of  hundreds of strangers who had passed by.

The owner had left a pack of swing tags and a pen attached the tree's trunk. Anyone passing by was free to leave their own wish on the tree.

Lola is a big fan of making wishes. She loves throwing pennies in fountains and making wishes on what she calls "blowing flowers". Of course, she was keen to leave a wish on the wishing tree too. Lola's wish? Lola wishes for a pink poodle!  

I absolutely love the idea of a wishing tree. It's such a sweet way to add a little happiness to someone's day and I love how it connects people and creates a sense of community.

One day when we have a front yard with a tree in it I hope to make a wishing tree of my own.

Until then, a wishing tree is on my wish list.

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  1. By pure chance I happened to come across a blog post by the owner of this tree on Pinterest!
    Here's a link to her own blog post about the tree:


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