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Sunday 28 September 2014

Big Girl Food

Look what happened today!

My little baby has started eating solids!

Mathilde has seemed ready for solids for a little while now but I hadn't been ready myself. She just seemed too little and with all the other speedy growing up she's been doing (sitting, rolling around, almost crawling, sleeping in her big girl crib...) I was keen for her to stay a little baby just a little longer. But there was no denying that she was ready. So today we decided not to hold off any longer and started Mathilde eating rice cereal (mixed with breast milk). 

The verdict?

Once she realised that she was supposed to eat the food and not the table she absolutely loved it! My hungry little baby couldn't get enough of the rice cereal and ate every last drop. She even sucked up all the cereal that landed on the table

We all took turns in feeding Mathilde. Kim went first, followed by Ava and Lola and then I fed her the rest. Ava and Lola were so excited to help Mathilde eat her food. They've been asking every day for a month now if they can feed her something so they were pretty happy that today was finally the day.

My little one certainly is growing up fast. Look at how big she looks sitting up at the table in her Handy Sitt chair!

Another day, another milestone. Slow down little one; you're growing up too fast!

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