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Thursday 11 September 2014

Just call me Gappy!

Ava lost another tooth on Monday night. 

That's 3 down and many more to go.

This is the first time that Ava has had a gap after losing a tooth and it feels so weird seeing her with a missing tooth. When her two bottom teeth fell out the adult teeth were already growing behind. They were already about the height of her other teeth when the baby teeth came out so there was no real gap. This time around there's no adult tooth yet to fill the space. In fact, it hasn't even slightly poked through the gum yet. I wonder how long she'll have a gap for?

It must feel extra weird for Ava as she couldn't stop looking at her teeth in the mirror!

This was also the first tooth that was painful as it fell out. When Ava lost her first two teeth they were incredibly wobbly and fell out easily without any help. This tooth however, put up a fight. It wasn't ready to fall out but was forced to go early when Ava accidentally bit into a popsicle stick. One minute Ava was happily eating a strawberry popsicle, the next she was laying on the floor, screaming in agony with blood dribbling out of her mouth as her tooth, which was twisted sideways, hung on by a small thread. It was not a pretty sight and it was one that lasted about 45 minutes until the ibuprofen I gave her kicked in. She finally calmed down enough to get into bed with the tooth still attached. 

Just as she started to drift off to sleep the tooth popped out. Hooray! I was worried that it would fall out and be swallowed overnight as she slept. Trust me, the Tooth Fairy is not keen on trying to track down swallowed teeth! 

Ava decided that she needed to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy letting her know just how painful her tooth falling out had been.

How funny is that letter? "I looked like a vampire who had bitten someone" - I love that part!

As you can see, Ava left an empty spot for the Tooth Fairy to answer her question about what she will do with the tooth. I wasn't sure what the Tooth Fairy should respond with so I kept it vague and went with "I recycle the best teeth and yours was a good one". I'll let Ava interpret that however she likes. Maybe the tooth will be recycled for another kid or maybe it will be crushed and turned into something else. Ava suggested that maybe it will be crushed into baby powder for Mathilde's butt!

I'd love to hear your suggestions of what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth she collects!


  1. I am in an Asian country. About pictures, I would say life learns to live this way through pain and gain in the cycle of nature... This may be irrelevant but my impression through back ground knowledge or internet is that Ausies are better mannered than Californians though New Yorkers etc may be the exceptions here. I would not have commented again, but a few days ago, came across an older post here through relevant search under the topic something like Lands End... where I have left a relevant comment and later an irrelevant to another topic something like Sur la Coast... Bye. Regards to good parents, happy family.

  2. Very cute note:) Perhaps the tooth fairy gives them to people who have lost their big teeth? Or she turns them into money to give to kids who loose their teeth?

  3. How cute she is without her front tooth! Love the note, Ava!


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