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Friday 7 November 2014

Halloween 2014

I've been a little absent here on Little Hiccups of late.

I've been so busy with visitors from home, Halloween, school field trips and all that regular day to day stuff that steals away my time. I had grand plans to catch up and share all the latest fun with you this week now that it's a little quieter around here but I've spent most of my spare time filling out police reports and dealing with insurance after the recent theft of our beloved cargo bike. Bike thieves suck!

I have so many fun posts to share with you so let's start with a look at Halloween...

This year we had our friends Kylie and Joel visiting from Australia with their little boy Sebastian over Halloween. This was their first time celebrating Halloween and Mathilde's too so it was extra special.

We had a real mish-mash of costumes this year: Ava was a fancy ghost (although everyone thought she was an old lady!), Lola was a werewolf, Mathilde was a chicken, I was a spider and Kim was, you guessed it, the class nerd! We're making him recycle the same costume every year as it suits him so well! Kylie and Joel dressed as vampires with Sebastian dressed as a bat. A little more cohesion in their family costumes than ours!

During the day Ava's school held a Halloween parade. We weren't sure if the parade would be held or not as, for once, it actually rained here. Luckily the clouds broke just in time for the parade to go ahead. Lola and Mathilde joined in too after a quick stop at the Cheeseboard for choc chip cookies.

In the evening we headed out for the big event: trick or treating! We made our way to a nearby street that is blocked to traffic every year to allow kids to trick or treat without worrying about cars. It's always such a wonderful community event. The houses on this particular street were decorated in the most amazing ways and the street was abuzz with people in a wide array of costumes.

As usual, Ava and Lola zoomed from house to house a little too fast for me to capture any decent shots. They were far too busy having loads of fun to stop for Mum and her camera!

After a fun evening out trick or treating the girls went through their candy and made sure to count every last little piece. We can't have any little bats or chickens getting their claws on it now, can we?

Another year, another fun filled Halloween. I can't believe that we've celebrated Halloween four times now in America. I'm so glad that Kylie, Joel and Sebastian were able to celebrate such a fun holiday with us. I'll have more of our adventures together coming soon. I can't wait to share what we've been up to.

Now back to looking for that stolen bike...

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  1. They look so adorable in their costumes, you did such a good job!


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