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Tuesday 11 November 2014

Pumpkin Fun

Time for another Halloween catch up...

After our visit to Petaluma Pumpkin Patch we had lots of fun work ahead of us with our pumpkins. We carved jack-o'lanterns, roasted pumpkin seeds and made Mathilde and Sebastian pose inside of carved out pumpkins!

It was a beautiful day here so we spent the afternoon up on our roof carving pumpkins until the sun set. Here's a look at our pumpkin fun...

Nature was a total show off while we were carving our pumpkins and treated us to a spectacular sunset over the Bay and San Francisco.

In the evening we lit up our jack-o'lanterns with fake tea light candles. Ava and Lola decided to join in too! Don't they make scary jack-o'lanterns?!

The following day we had our cheesy but oh so cute "Baby in a Pumpkin" photo shoot. Mathilde and Sebastian were so adorable sitting in their carved out pumpkins. We had planned to carve out leg holes as well but they fit so perfectly without them that we decided not to. Plus it was more work!

There was only so long that Mathilde would take sitting in a pumpkin before she had to show off her standing skills. Of course, the pumpkin was holding her up but she seemed pretty proud of herself. Good thing I coordinated her diaper with the pumpkin!

Oh, and those large pumpkins? Perfect size to fit on my head!

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